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A Message from The Haunted Museum

"The Haunted Museum is looking for more tour guides! If you are a local Las Vegan and think you’d be great telling the stories of the museum and it’s artifacts submit a short video using the hashtag: #TheHauntedMuseum." 

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​​10 PM - The Dead Files returns with an all-new episode, "Jumped - Sauk Centre Minnesota"

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Atherton Paranormal is co-founded by Katrina Weidman.

Her team is currently accepting cases, please visit them: 

to report your "ghostly" claims.

MGH Paranormal Society invites you to come to the FINAL #SalemCon in April. Tickets, tables and sponsorship available!

"So much more #GhostAdventures

to come! Thanks for watching!" ~ Billy

In CT, MA  or  RI & need help with paranormal activity? TAPS would like to help!

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​​"Follow your heart, but take your brain with you!"~ Anonymous

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NJ ParaUnity Expo

"Special 2018 NJ ParaUnity

Expo Promotion when you purchase a ticket to the

Chip Coffey Chip Coffey Gallery Reading, you will be entered into a raffle for a private phone reading with Chip. The winner will be chosen after the gallery reading: 5/19/2018.

"The value of fulfilling experiences is far more than any valuable object. Which are you striving to collect?" ~ Tyler

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Chad's Bad Ass Celebrity Ghost Hunt schedule can be found in our Beyond the Lens section.

"Possession and exorcism are real! Be careful what you seek and what you wish to experience on the dark side of the Paranormal!" John

"Your life. Your journey. Your story. You matter." ~ Dustin

"Usually I do about 2-3 readings off the list when I'm not filming, both in person and on Skype for those internationally." ~Tyler

"The HauntedMuseum is now offering wedding ceremonies! Exchange vows in the Funeral Parlor, or perhaps the serial killer jail...

'Til Death Do Us Part'." ~Zak

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10 PM - "Wrong Number & The Dybbuk Box"

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"Are you coming to  WRAITH FEST? It'll be your chance to win a piece of Ghost Asylum history: The Wraith Dome Trap!" ~TWC

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On March 29th, join Adam

Berry in Ptown Ghost Hunt - Prefix Dinner & Investigation at the Crowne Pointe Inn.

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Dear Readers,

Hello there, February! What can we say? We love having your essence around, particularly as we continue to look forward to celebrating our adventurous spirit during one of the most exciting times of the year! With this in mind; one can’t help but ponder the thought: “Where has the time really gone?” Therefore, with a new year  – means a new beginning - and with new aspirations we want to conquer.  So... if attending a paranormal event is on your bucket list to accomplish this year, you still have time! For those of you, who are new to our site, we keep an on-going list of events that our favorite paranormal personalities will be attending.  To give an example, if it’s your dream to “go ghost hunting with…” by year’s end—then our Save the Date section is a must-read for you!

As we continue to move forward with good news to report, our favorite supernatural shows are back in production with air dates scheduled for the beginning of this year. To highlight a few shows: Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry returns February 28th on the E! Network. In addition to this news, we are looking forward to the return of Paranormal Lockdown. You will find more return air dates and times in our Worth Watching section. We provide this information, so you can program your DVRs accordingly. After all, who wants to be away from the small screen to find out you missed the most awesome evidence, which was just caught on film, by our favorite paranormal investigator?  ​​Heck, not us! 

So, with all this fantastic news circulating around you, what are you waiting for?

Happy reading,

Renee and Bertie

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All-new @ 9 PM

Dana and Ken LIVE from Shepherdstown... catch this episode on

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"Paranormal State marathon on Saturdays on the FYI channel!" ~Ryan

9 PM - "The Domes"

"Alright y’all... you still have a  little time to scoop up some tickets. Don’t miss out on a tropical week of good ole fashion fun in the sun with me and the boyz!" ~Chris

"Investigate with me in Savannah, GA! Ghost Hunt. Dinner. Savannah Ghost Tour. Meet n Greet. Q&A ... All included! Very limited tickets. Super fun! See you there!" ~ Steve

Mini-marathon beginning @ 10 AM

We would like to get this paranormal party started!

"I can’t wait for you guys to tune in this season for some truly amazing moments and some fun ones too. #HollywoodMedium" ~ Tyler

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Available across cable, internet, and satellite platform: March 16, 2018.

"I have investigated with Nick and he’s always been on the level." ~ Amy

"Even in the grave all is not lost." ~ Edgar Allan Poe

On February 24th 2018, Mysteries at the Museum will air a mini-marathon beginning @ 8 AM

"The Paranormal is a special field and so are the people. Conversations are often deep and sharing this passion is priceless." ~Anonymous

7 PM - "Hunt for the Metal Library"

"Wanna go hunt some ghosts?" ~ Mike

"People ask if I watch #GhostAdventures, I've seen every episode, and I won't miss tonight's either!" ~Bill Chappell

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"Brand-new episodes of #GhostAdventures will return March 24th." ~Zak

"I am so very

blessed to have

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to entertain and inspire others. #Thank You" ~Dustin

All-new @ 10 PM

"Hey guys! Come investigate the Palmer House with us in Minnesota! It’s coming up quick so don’t miss out!" ~Tango

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A Message from Jeff

"To book Jeff Belanger for a lecture, or your next event.

Nobody brings ghosts, monsters, and legends to life like Jeff!

Contact me at this link:"

"They are going to re-air all of season two, every Monday night @

10 PM on Destination America. #KindredSpirits" ~ Amy

On February 22nd 2018, Ghost Mine will air a marathon beginning @ 9 AM on Destination America

Have a blessed day!

#TheHauntedSpace is a new subscription based show on The Haunted Space Network created by Nick & Elizabeth. You can purchase an entire season ($34.99), or a 90-minute live event ($3.99).

"It's true! We're back! March

1st on Quest RedTV for our UK friends!

US friends:

We'll have news soon on where/when you can catch Season 3. Stay tuned! #ParanormalLockdown" ~ Katrina

Mini-marathon beginning @ 7 PM

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On February 23rd 2018, Ghost Adventures mini-marathon @ 8 AM

12 PM - Marathon

On February 25th 2018, Terror in the Woods will air a marathon beginning @ 9 AM on Destination America

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Recap w/Renee ~ 

Paranormal Television Column

"We are currently available for investigations in Colorado.
Specifically, the following regions:
Denver, BoulderFt. Collins, and Estes Park"
~Elizabeth Saint 

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On February 20th 2018, Paranormal Survivor will air a marathon beginning @ 9 AM

"I will be doing giveaways monthly to provide full-length medium sessions for those who need it. Readings can be done on Skype, phone, and email. Stay tuned for more opportunities to connect!" ~Tyler

​​​​​​​Magical Mondays

"I am sooo out of it. Work today! I hope you all had a safe & fun weekend! I have done SO much antiquing... I'm living in 1910! #TheDeadFiles" ~Amy

"I am so excited to attend. Great event!" ~ Chip

Shows listed below are based on EDT

"Hey! Do me a favor and post a review for my #NewEnglandLegends podcast on iTunes. I appreciate your support..." ~Jeff

We waste our time in this lifetime trying to figure it out from a scientific stand point. Sometimes we need to enjoy the magic of something. Tyler offers you two hours of enchantment. That is what he does! - Jaleel White, Season 2; Episode 19

Your Favorite Paranormal Personalities

this weekend...

"We just finished Filming Season 3 #ParanormalLockdown. We will announce in near future." ~ Nick

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A Message from Amy Allan

 "I am now represented by Creepy People. Any and all inquires for appearances, radio, etc will be handled by them only!

Thank you all!"

On February 21st 2018, Project Afterlife will air a marathon beginning @​​ 9 AM

on Destination America

Supernatural Saturdays

"There’s no dog better... she really is a special dog. I’m glad you guys found each other. #Gracie" ~ Billy


Marathon beginning @ 3 PM on Destination America

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On February 19th 2018, Paranormal Lockdown will air a marathon beginning @ 9 AM on Destination America

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