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"Hey all! Adam and I are looking for some new, super spooky cases on the east coast. We LOVE helping people, but it doesn't necessarily have to be a residence. It can be your business or a place you work that needs help. Here are the requirements:

1 - You must own the place or have permission to have it investigated. 2 - The activity must be extreme and recent. 3 - We really tend toward people or ghosts who NEED OUR HELP. Since we don't have a lot of time, preference will be given to desperate cases.

Please send: What's happening. Where you are located. A way to contact you. Email me: Thanks everyone! Happy haunting!" ~Amy


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me." ~Zak


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2018, Paranormal Survivor will air a marathon beginning @

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 "Upper Fruitland Curse"

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"Here’s a tip: if you’re emailing us to get help for your paranormal problem. If you email and don’t hear from us there is probably a good reason. We are busy, we don’t have time to respond just yet, we read your message... if you truly need help... send your message and wait... xoxo" ~ Adam

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On January 1st, 2019, "Demon House from Zak Bagans" will air on the Travel Channel @ 9 PM. After the premiere, stay tuned... never before seen footage will air in a special episode.

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"The HauntedMuseum is now offering wedding ceremonies! Exchange vows in the Funeral Parlor, or perhaps the serial killer jail...

'Til Death Do Us Part'." ~Zak

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On December 16th

2018, Mysteries at the Museum will air a marathon beginning @ 7 AM on the Travel Channel

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Dear Readers,

As we enter the last month of the Gregorian calendar for 2018, we believe this is a perfect time to celebrate the essence of the holiday spirit!  So, with this in mind, we can’t help but ponder the thought: “Where has the time really gone?” Therefore, with a new year  – means a new beginning - and with new aspirations we want to conquer.  So... if attending a paranormal event is on your bucket list to accomplish this year, you still have time! For those of you, who are new to our site, we keep an on-going list of events that our favorite paranormal personalities will be attending.  To give an example, if it’s your dream to “go ghost hunting with…” by year’s end—then our Save the Date section is a must-read for you!

As we continue to move forward with good news to report, our favorite supernatural shows are back in production with air dates scheduled for the beginning of this year. To highlight a few shows: Demon House from Zak Bagans will premiere January 1st, 2019 on the Travel Channel.  We are simply loving the new episodes of Paranormal Lockdown. You will find more return air dates and times in our Worth Watching section. We provide this information, so you can program your DVRs accordingly. After all, who wants to be away from the small screen to find out you missed the most awesome evidence, which was just caught on film, by our favorite paranormal investigator? Heck, not us! 

So, with all this fantastic news circulating around you, what are you waiting for?

Happy reading,

Renee and Bertie

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On December 17th2018, A Haunting will air a marathon beginning @ 6 AM on Destination America

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​​"We are currently available for investigations in Colorado.
Specifically, the following regions:
Denver, BoulderFt. Collins, and Estes Park"
~Elizabeth Saint 

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"Hope to see you there!" ~ TWC

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"The Demon House DVD is now available on Amazon and other outlets. Check out the additional scenes including polygraph testing that can ONLY be seen on the DVD." ~Zak

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"The Haunted Museum is NOW HIRING Tour Guides. If interested please submit a quick video explaining why you’d make a great guide with hashtag —-> #HMTourGuide Las Vegas locals only please!" ~Zak

"Tenney fact... that even I sometimes forget - I've been ordained as a Reverend since 1991 and have officiated over fifty ceremonies."  ~John

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- Proverbs 12:10

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​​​​Where can you get my gear? The same place it has been for more than 12 years.  Thanks, Billy Tolley for the shout out!" ~Bill Chappell

We waste our time in this lifetime trying to figure it out from a scientific stand point. Sometimes we need to enjoy the magic of something. Tyler offers you two hours of enchantment. That is what he does! - Jaleel White, Season 2; Episode 19

On December 13th 2018, Haunted Case Files will air

a marathon beginning @

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"There’s been over 100k requests since season one. I wish I could read everyone, but I do as many readings as I can, and the majority are for the general public. Celebrity readings are almost exclusively for the show. I’m going down the list, and I hope our paths cross soon!" ~ Tyler


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