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Dear Readers,

As summertime begins to wind down. The cool, crisp fall air will soon be upon us. During this special time of year, we should take this opportunity to fall in love again. Why not embrace this distinctive spell, and reignite our spark for adventure?​​ With this in mind; one can’t help but ponder the thought: “Where has the time really gone?” Therefore, with a new time – means a new beginning - and with new aspirations we want to conquer.  So... if attending a paranormal event is on your bucket list to accomplish this year, you still have time! For those of you, who are new to our site, we keep an on-going list of events that our favorite paranormal personalities will be attending.  To give an example, if it’s your dream to “go ghost hunting with…” by year’s end—then our Save the Date section is a must-read for you!

As we continue to move forward with good news to report, our favorite supernatural shows are back in production with air dates scheduled for the beginning of this year. To highlight a few shows: Ghost Adventures season fifteen begins September 23rd on the Travel Channel. Expedition Unknown will air a Roswell special on October 4th. You will find more return air dates and times in our Worth Watching section. We provide this information, so you can program your DVRs accordingly. After all, who wants to be away from the small screen to find out you missed the most awesome evidence, which was just caught on film, by our favorite paranormal investigator?  ​​Heck, not us!

So, with all this fantastic news circulating around you, what are you waiting for?

Happy reading,

Renee and Bertie

"#KindredSpirits is all about helping both the living & the dead. It's honest & filled with emotion. Amy and Adam are amazing!" ~ Chip 

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"I only have jewelry at conventions. Here is where I will be this year: September 29th - ScareFest" ~Amy

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"Have you seen Jason and I on stage and have photos/videos?

Please send them to: ghosthuntersstage@gmail.com Prizes!! Thank you!"

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"Even in the grave all is not lost." ~ Edgar Allan Poe

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"The Paranormal is a special field and so are the people. Conversations are often deep and sharing this passion is priceless." ~Anonymous

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To book Ryan for your next event, please email him: ryan@the-PRS.org

"Isn't fear cool?" ~Zak

On September 27th, Ghosts Stalkers

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"I wanna thank all our fans for their support. 6 years ago today we premiered! THANK YOU!!!" ~Steve

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Nobody brings ghosts, monsters, and legends to life like Jeff!

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In CT, MA  or  RI & need help with paranormal activity? TAPS would like to help!

Email: traci@the-Atlantic-paranormal-society.com today!

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"Possession and exorcism are real! Be careful what you seek and what you wish to experience on the dark side of the Paranormal!" John

"Usually I do about 2-3 readings off the list when I'm not filming, both in person and on Skype for those internationally." ~Tyler

We would like to get this paranormal party started!

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Robert Murch and Tim Shaw #MiParacon" ~ Dustin

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"Have you had a near-death experience? I mean dead and came back? If so, I'd love to hear about it!" Email us: info@30oddminutes.com

We waste our time in this lifetime trying to figure it out from a scientific stand point. Sometimes we need to enjoy the magic of something. Tyler offers you two hours of enchantment. That is what he does! - Jaleel White, Season 2; Episode 19

"Be sure to tune in every Friday night @ 9 PM on TLC. So much more spookiness in store for you all..." ~Amy

Have a blessed day!

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October 2nd

"I am practicing my discussion on the 6 Life Lessons I've Learned From the Departed.

 On Sept 23rd, I will be in Mystic Showroom, Minnesota." Tyler

"We are currently available for investigations in Colorado.
Specifically, the following regions:
Denver, BoulderFt. Collins, and Estes Park"
~Elizabeth Saint 

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"Two more episodes of #HauntedTowns left... Fall River this week, and then McDonough the week after." ~ TWC

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On September 24th, Haunted Towns will air a mini-marathon beginning @ 1 PM on Destination America

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will be in

Fall River, MA...

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"Any restaurants interested in hosting a dinner lecture with 
John Zaffis, please contact me at: jzaffisjr@snet.net for info. Thank you!"

On September 25th, Ghostly Encounters will air a marathon beginning @ 9 AM on Destination America

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A Message from Amy

I am no longer being represented by Ideal Event Management. Due, to this, I will not be appearing at any Ideal events, conventions, including - Missouri State Penn! I am sorry to those I was going to be seeing again, and those I would be meeting with the first time. I am now represented only by Creepy People. Any and all inquires for appearances, radio, etc will be handled by them only! Thank you all!

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On September 28th, Ghost Mine will air a marathon beginning @ 9 AM on Destination America

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"Don't worry, they're are still 13 in the can, I believe? We also start filming season ten in October...

#TheDeadFiles" ~Amy

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