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Ms. Daigle, a skeptic-at-heart, who enjoys exploring the supernatural and chronicling her findings.

I am a published author and storyteller; who truly enjoys telling stories. As I reflect on

my illustrious publishing career, I would have to say writing my monthly, lyric column for a prestigious, music magazine would be considered a highlight. My written words can also be seen in several performing artists’ press releases, newsletter stories, web copy, product descriptions, and music reporting articles. If you would like to learn more about this 

script doctor, please do not be afraid to ask… I am always

happy to help! ~ Renee

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Bertie Williams

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Ms. Williams always has a smile for the Paranormal Community.  Although she is a skeptical-believer, she awaits that one bit of proof that eludes the field.

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Bertie has been writing for more than forty years.  She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Jersey City State University and minored in creative writing.  She has published two books, Out of Chaos  - a collection of poetry, and Tales On The Road of Life  -

a compilation of stories about life from around the world.  She is currently working on a collection of short stories to be published soon.  Ms Williams has a strong interest in the paranormal, especially lost civilizations and their effects on the present day way of life.

Hello, we are Paranormal Critics. Welcome everyone! We hope you will enjoy spending sometime exploring the supernatural with us.

Yes, it’s true, we’re very critical about the television shows that have multiplied, on the small screen, over the last few years. We believe some of them ring true - and others some a bit too theatrical. Then there are some shows that are too bizarre - even to be taken seriously!

This website was inspired by our endless (and yes, passionate!) conversations about the paranormal. We thought, if you combine our experience, with what’s showing on television, this would be a great forum for us to communicate our excitement.

Our goal is to guide the viewer with honest critique and logical reasoning. It’s not the case that we’re “unbelievers”. We only interested in making the point that a viewer should be careful about what they actually see and what is actually real. So, without further ado, please explore the site.

We are writers, and would love to hear from you!

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