"Bryce, I am pretty convinced that I saw a UFO last night and wanted to submit photo evidence  to you. Do you think it’s worth still submitting?"

Zak, quick question, does #GhostAdventures: House

Calls actually send help for the families afterwards?

Zak, “The answer is YES… we have sent clergy to multiple

homes featured on #GhostAdventures: House Calls to do

further blessings, cleansings after our investigations.

"We call what that woman did to Kenny a “psychic ambush!”

Psychics, we respect, would never trounce people with negative information like that out of the blue,” explained Amy. 

Aaron interviewing #GhostBrothers.

"A true #GhostAdventures

behind the scenes moment!" ~ Jay

“Facing your fears is how you truly get to know yourself. 

#DestinationFear”Tanner, Norwich State Hospital” episode.

"Robert, can #KindredSpirits cook?"

During the client reveal, Amy suggested, “If I were you, I would be focused on the future and the positives here. The only problem that could arise is – if investigators keep coming in and kept talking about the bad stuff it would continue to make the spirits angry.”

Haunted Towns - Season 1; Episode 6
In this photo,
Mike G. can be seen standing in a Cape May

(New Jersey) Cemetery near the Physick family plot. The Tennessee Wraith Chasers were in this beachside community

to investigate the Physic Estate for a possible portal being opened due to a former Physic family member, who had the panache for seances, spirit boards and Spiritualism in her day!

Ben Hansen of #UFOWitness provides his professional opinion on taking UAP/UFO videos:

"Absolutely! Send your paranormal encounters

to: bigfootcollectorsclub@gmail.com."

Bryce says,

Adam agrees, “Orbs are not ghosts. They never have been, and

they never will be. Orbs are dust and bugs… not spirits. Please move past this theory… real hauntings are bigger than dust!”

What came first the activity … or the ghost hunts? In search of this and other

answers, AdamAmy, and Chip traveled to Waynesburg, Pennsylvania in their season seven premiere to spend a few days investigating paranormal claims at the former Almshouse / Poor Farm currently known as the Green County Historical Society and Museum.

"Coffey Break!"

“Do you want to be featured on our Ghost Brothers podcast? Send your SCARIEST story to us by uploading a voice recording to: GhostBrothers

Podcast.com. We cannot wait to hear from you!”

“What cemetery is not creepy?” Zak Bagans, #GhostAdventures​​

"With a truly haunted artifact,

my friend, John Zaffis at #MiParaconDustin

"It was an honor to spend some time with Mr. Bobby Mackey himself before investigating Americas most haunted honky tonk, Bobby Mackey’s Music World!" ~ TWC

Journaling Journey… where does one start?

With the holiday season officially over… I believe it’s time to refresh your vision for the new year. And, to achieve this goal, I like to start with quotes that tug at my heart and open up my mind.  

Do You Live in a Haunted House? If so, please read this bulletin from Dalen:

These are the quotes that highlight #KindredSpirits “Broken Spirits” case:

"Am I the only one who thinks graveyards are actually calming and beautiful?" ~ Katrina

Candid Camera:

Your Favorite Paranormal

Personalities  ​Unwind...

Smile for the camera!

Reviewed by Renee

Here are some quotes that the writer in me, believes will get you on “the write way”:

"The Paranormal is a special field and so are the people. Conversations are often deep and sharing this passion is priceless."

Do Tell the Ghost Brothers Your Scariest Story!

"It is another staircase that leads to the basement,” reveals Adam. Speaking of the creepy basement, Chip (connecting with a spirit) continues, “Just leave me the hell alone – because I do not want

to relieve this.”

“If you have time after watching the "Broken Spirits" episode, look up the history of poorhouses in America. It is fascinating and sad, and I would be surprised how many of them were still in operation even just a couple of decades ago. #KindredSpiritsAmy,Broken Spirits” episode.

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"The Thomas Reed abduction incident was inducted into the Great Barrington, MA Historic Society and later recognized as a factual "off-world incident" by the Massachusetts governor. If you're in Sheffield, MA, stop by the UFO Park and sit on my bench! #UFOWitness"Ben

Beyond The Lens...

Send your UFO videos toufowitness.tv
“In addition, if you ask for my opinion about your video, do not be offended if I give you the most “likely” explanation. I was not there, so
I did not see what you saw. You may have witnessed something far more extraordinary than the video shows, but I only have the video to evaluate. #UFOWitness” ~ Ben

“Sometimes when it comes to darkness – it is not about fear. It is not about the paranormal. Sometimes it is about the history, and about what we have learned

about human nature, and what we have done to each other in the past. 

#DestinationFear Dakota, “Norwich State Hospital” episode.

"Exciting News! Y’all have been asking how you can get you and your families stories out there… well here’s your chance… if you’re currently living in a haunted house we’re looking for YOU! Send me your story, recent photo and contact info to: HauntedCastings@Gmail.com."

"You can always find me in the graveyard." ~ Steve

1) Film with your phone horizontal.

It makes best use of the pixels.

2) Include other objects (especially in the foreground) for reference.

3) Try and steady your camera against something.

4) Learn to use your autofocus lock.

"I got my eyes examined

by a FAMOUS EYE DOCTOR. #DestinationFear~ Dakota

"Gracie makes a great investigator! #GhostAdventures" ~ Billy

"Treat ghosts like the people they are and it all just falls into place. #GhostHuntersGrant

The cautionary tale is to be careful. At any point someone

can get mad at you, and we know what happens when they get disappointed! And when they get made, we can feel it!” ~ Adam

“I know, when you sell your soul to the Devil – when you die,

He collects! #GhostAdventures House Calls” Jay

Synopsis: In the original Discovery Plus series, Ghost Adventures House Calls, we

see Zak sitting in his office, in front of his computer monitor, as he calls his crew via video conference. With decades of paranormal experience on their collective resumes, Aaron, Billy, and Jay take the call from their fearless leader. In short, Zak instructs his team to travel to their new client’s frightened families’ homes to assist them with their present paranormal nightmare.

"Don't quit your daydream..." Mike G.

"A headstone tells a story." ~ Dustin

Nice photo of Chris and Chip!

Greg made a quick visit to


“Your life will change if you write 100 things you are grateful for. Do it today. Feel the gratitude. Your power is in the feeling.” – The Secret

"For a guy who has never been arrested, I spend a lot of time in prisons. #GhostHunters~ Dustin

“My mind still talks to you, and my heart still looks for you, but my soul knows you are at peace.” – Author Unknown

Compiled and edited by Renee

"I guess labels seem to follow me." Grant

"God is still talking. The spirit world is very much alive.

Take some time to sit quietly and listen." Dustin Pari

Compiled and edited by Renee

"Congrats to Marcus, Dalen and Juwan on

this amazing win and a big thank you to all

the listeners! Love you, #GhostBrothers"

"We are extremely appreciative of all the support, our loyal staff and our thrill-seeking guests who travel here from around the world sharing their experiences inside America’s favorite haunted destination!

#GhostAdventures" ~ Zak

This episode is currently streaming on Discovery Plus.

KrisShari and Amy at the

Pensacola Lighthouse.

"Sometimes when you walk through a cemetery you find yourself." ~ Tenney

Career advice from Chip“Interviews and research are both

very important parts of a thorough paranormal investigation.”

"The Haunted Museum’s has just celebrated

an anniversary milestone, Congrats!"