"Literally heard walking behind me and I tried to capture it. #SleeplessUnrest~ Brian Murray#GhostHunters

"Who needs a ride, we're driving!

#MNParaUnity" ~ Chris

"Coffey Break!"

"It was an honor to spend some time with Mr. Bobby Mackey himself before investigating Americas most haunted honky tonk, Bobby Mackey’s Music World!" ~ TWC

"With a truly haunted artifact,

my friend, John Zaffis at #MiParaconDustin

Beyond The Lens...

"While filming in the Bangor, Maine area... we had to stop off at the Stephen King house to take a photo! #DestinationFear" ~ Dakota

"Getting the VAN back together.

#GhostHunters" ~ Tango

"The Paranormal is a special field and so are the people. Conversations are often deep and sharing this passion is priceless."

QUESTION: “Have you picked up the magazine yet? If so, please leave us a review on Amazon. If not, pick it up today wherever magazines are sold!” – Adam

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Candid Camera:

Your Favorite Paranormal

Personalities  ​Unwind...

"I’d like to quote Garth Brooks and say “The competition’s getting younger…” but there’s no ego and no competition - just good people

like DakotaTanner and Alex from

#DestinationFear. Had a great time

with these guys, but I feel like I’m
John Zaffis."

Medium CindyLeePatti and

John Zaffis at #MiParacon

And so, it begins…

"I guess labels seem to follow me." Grant

Lately, I have been pondering “the thought” about my career’s retrospective. I recently read an interesting article from a wise woman by the name of Sara. She shined her bright light on my inspired musings by saying, “You will know you have discovered your life's work when you wake eager to face each day and you feel good about not only what you do but also who you are.”

​​William Shatner on the set of #TheCurseOfOakIsland

“My mind still talks to you, and my heart still looks for you, but my soul knows you are at peace.” – Author Unknown

Ghost Hunting – Secrets of the Supernatural

Magazine Review by Renee

Psst! Do you want to know a secret? Well, this really should not be a secret!

In their latest publication, “Ghost Hunting – Secrets of the Supernatural,” Amy Bruni and Adam Berry from the popular paranormal television show, Kindred Spirits takes the reader on an exciting journey using their most haunting tales from the road, as their focal point.  

These two professional paranormal investigators also discuss their own methods of investigating, and their goal with this magazine is to be a beacon of light, in the dark when it’s your turn with the digital recorder.

Whether your paranormal adventure begins in your own backyard, or clear across the country, this magazine is a must read! After all, I believe, it’s best to know before you go, and I believe Amy and Adam cover that topic – and so much more in this data-driven publication.

In addition to having your most “frequently asked questions” about the paranormal answered. I really enjoyed the helpful tips – especially the maps! These miniature-maps are inserted in the author’s stories, and some of the informative evidence includes landmarks, libraries, historical buildings, and even cemeteries to assist the reader with their research logistics.  

Now that you have been inspired by “Ghost Hunting – Secrets of the Supernatural”, so tell me, where’s your next haunted location going to be? Safe travels…

“What cemetery is not creepy?” Zak Bagans, #GhostAdventures​​

"A headstone tells a story." ~ Dustin

"Robert, can #KindredSpirits cook?"

"Am I the only one who thinks graveyards are actually calming and beautiful?" ~ Katrina

“We can debate magick / divination / paranormal investigation rules, regulations and traditions all day, but all that matters is how you interact within and whether or not it interacts with you. #Hellier” ~ Greg Newkirk

"When the money pit is right behind you! #CurseOfOakIslandPorter

"A night at the theater with Jack

sounds lovely... until you realize that during this performance, all roles will be played by ghosts! #ExpeditionUnknown" Josh

"Hangin' with the paranormal posse in Gettysburg...


"Bunch of dummies. #Alien

Highway" ~ Heather

"God is still talking. The spirit world is very much alive.

Take some time to sit quietly and listen." Dustin Pari

“Fort Knox… you were crazy cold and even more

freaky! I will not forget what happened to us in

B-Battery… #DestinationFear” ~ Tanner Wiseman 

"Have you read my new book, #TheCallOfKilimanjaro? If so,

I would appreciate it if you'd post a review on Amazon. Those reviews help a lot!" Jeff

"Treat ghosts like the people they are and it all just falls into place. #GhostHunters" Grant

"You can always find me in the graveyard." ~ Steve

Celebrating: “That’s the Spirit!”
compiled and edited by Renee

"Sometimes when you walk through a cemetery you find yourself." ~ Tenney

"When I break plans to watch


Dear Friends,

I recently read an interesting excerpt in which Nick Groff 

Adventures, Paranormal Lockdown, and Ghosts of Shepherdstown fame) asked, “What got you interested in the Paranormal?” For some people, this is an easy question to answer, a real no brainer, if we are being honest. And for others – like myself, finding the meaning in my spiritual encounter is much more complicated to explain. (Editor’s note: as a Virgo-by-nature, I literally must analyze everything “to death” … so the answer on this sensitive topic is still being investigated.) As for Nick, he revealed, “After a near death experience I wanted to learn more about the other side. Evolve on the journey through life and go beyond.” - Renee

Haunted Towns - Season 1; Episode 6
In this photo,
Mike G. can be seen standing in a Cape May

(New Jersey) Cemetery near the Physick family plot. The Tennessee Wraith Chasers were in this beachside community

to investigate the Physic Estate for a possible portal being opened due to a former Physic family member, who had the panache for seances, spirit boards and Spiritualism in her day!

“What was that?! #AlienHighway” ~ Heather Taddy

“You can read about this type of history in textbooks all you want, it is just not the same, as walking and experiencing the land where it happened.” ~ Chelsea Laden, #DestinationFear, “Fort Knox” episode.

"Jeff have you met Mr. Herman? #MiParacon" Dustin