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"The Paranormal is a special field and so are the people. Conversations are often deep and sharing this passion is priceless."

"Poltergeist Hauntings: The 3rd in a series of videos detailing the 4 categories I use to classify..." Grant

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"Hey, Weirdos! It's time for Part 2 of Let's Talk Tarot with Ken Boggle. This time I get a couple readings..." ~ Grant
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"Road companion! I saved this little fella from the claw!" ~ Steve

"Intelligent Hauntings:

The 1st in a series of

videos detailing the 4

categories I use to classify hauntings." ~ Grant
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 Intelligent... Follow this link:

Beyond The Lens...

Hey, weirdos! New video: Should You Investigate Your Own Home? #WhatTheFetch?!~ Grant

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"Hey, Weirdos! I chat with Ken Boggle about the tarot and more. Here is Part 1 of Let's Talk Tarot on #WhatTheFetch?!..." Grant
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"New video, Weirdos! I talk
about some of the more
human​ ​reasons an entity might linger
#WhatTheFetch?!~ Grant
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"Inhuman Hauntings: The 4th in a series of videos detailing the 4 categories I use to classify hauntings...." ~ Grant
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"Why might entities linger?
Find out on 
#WhatTheFetch?!~ Grant
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"Always so great to connect with the hard working folks at the TAPS home team: TAPStraciand Cody

Desbiens." ~ Grant

"New video, Weirdos! The fourth in my series about EVP's. I discuss how to talk to the entities! Don't miss..." ~ Grant
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"Could some ghosts actually be caused by a temporal anomaly? Check out my latest episode of #WhatTheFetch?!"  ~ Grant

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"Stopped by Lizzie Borden's place on the way home tonight. Life is an adventure; Make random stops and explore." ~Dustin

"This is a second video (in this series) where I discuss what type of EVP equipment to use, the strangeness of magnetic media, and a bit about the Panasonic DR60." ~ Grant

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Tango and Chip catching up at #TheScarefest

"Had to pay respect to Giles
Corey in Salem. Giles was accused of being a witch & condemned to being stoned. Which meant they piled stones on top of him. If he confessed to being a witch his land would be forfeit to the town. When they asked him to confess he’d say “More weight!”." 
~ Grant


"When the money pit is right behind you! #CurseOfOakIslandPorter

"Hey Weirdos! Here's a video
all about sleep paralysis

#WhatTheFetch?!" ~ Grant
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​"Hey, Weirdos! New Video!
I discuss the dire importance of considering 
conditions in paranormal investigation. 
#WhatTheFetch?!" ~ Grant
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How to speak to Entities:

​"I explain one piece of information that may drastically change the way you place your equipment on investigations.
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​​Zak pictured here with his beautiful mother, Nancy Knapp

"Stopped by the cemetery today to clean up the place and straighten up some fallen flags and crosses.

I saw this epitaph and loved it for it is true." ~ Dustin

It was an unusually warm October night; where paranormal enthusiasts of all ages were gathered, at the Norwood Public Library, to hear Brenda, cemetery educator to speak about her passion.

Brenda is one-third of The Gravestone Girls. She presented a virtual tour of Norwood's local cemeteries, highlighting the history of graveyards from the colonial era through today.

The Gravestone Girls' mission is to "Keep Our Dead Alive!" Other than speaking engagements, and historical education, the trio create decorative artwork using the beautiful and primitive images of carved old New England gravestones. All this impressive work is to help with their restoration projects, and are available for sale on their website.

The Love of Heaven Makes One Heavenly!

"With a truly haunted artifact, my friend, John Zaffis at #MiParacon" ~ Dustin

"Could some ghosts actually

be caused by a temporal

anomaly? #WhatTheFetch?!~ Grant
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"Sometimes when you walk through a cemetery you find yourself." ~Tenney

"Working hard! A new episode of #WhatTheFetch?!

 is finally on its way! Thank you for your patience!" ~ Grant

"Hey, Weirdos! New video:

 EVP Collection Styles.
third in my series
of EVP videos. 
Check it out!"
 ~ Grant
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"Enjoy!" ~Grant

"You can always find me in the graveyard." ~Steve

"Have you seen what Grant is up to? #WhatTheFetch?! It's one of my favorite fellas, talking about one of my favorite subjects: The paranormal. Check it the fetch out!" ~ Chad

"One of the nicest guys in

the paranormal field #OhioStateReformatory" ~ Chip

"Hey, Weirdos! New Video!
I chat a bit about Pareidolia. Why we hate it and Love it.
#WhatTheFetch?!" ~ Grant

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"The new memorial in Salem, Massachusetts, that marks the location where 19 people were hanged for witchcraft in 1692." ~ Jeff

"Hey, Weirdos! New Video!
I discuss the difference between

a ghost and a spirit. Come check

it out! #WhatTheFetch?!~ Grant

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Hey, Weirdos!

New video. The last video in my EVP series is up! It's all about analyzing EVP's! #WhatTheFetch?!~ Grant
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"Hey, Weirdos! I talk about Shadow

People in my latest video.

 #WhatTheFetch?!~ Grant
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Grant's YouTube Channel

"Labels, man... they follow me everywhere..." ~ Grant

For more information about

The Gravestone Girls, please visit them on the web at

"This is what Paranormal sophistication looks like. 
Ty and I would like to show you." 
~ Chad

"EVP's, what are they, and why are they important? Watch the first in a series of 5 videos on EVP's!"Grant

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"Zak, it appears as though you've taken your Paranormal investigations to an even more daring level. Peaking in on the Pearly Gates? Now that's gutsy!" ~ Bryan D. Ouellette

"Hangin’ with the Ghost Brothers in Alton, IL!" Chip

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​ "
What the Fetch?!"

"Had a great time sharing the floor with the great John Zaffis - It was an honor, man! #SalemCon~ Grant

Jason & Porter - what a cool photo!

"Hey, Weirdos! New Video!

Are spirits JUST energy? I say they are something more. Join me as I discuss why. 
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​​​"Hey, Weirdos! New Video! Join me

as I discuss "The Path of Possession". #WhatTheFetch?!~ Grant

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"Hey, Weirdos! Why investigate atnight? Find out in my latest episode of #WhatTheFetch?!~ Grant

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​The 2nd in a series of videos...

what classifies as a Residual Haunting? Click here to learn:

"Hey, it’s CryptoLoren at #Czcon2019! You know what they

say about big feet...#BigFoot

"Hey, Weirdos! New video. 

Can objects be haunted?

Come check it out! 


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