Haunted Towns - Season 1; Episode 6
In this photo, 
Mike G. can be seen standing in a Cape May

(New Jersey) Cemetery near the Physick family plot. The Tennessee Wraith Chasers were in this beachside community

to investigate the Physic Estate for a possible portal being opened due to a former Physic family member, who had the panache for seances, spirit boards and Spiritualism in her day!

"Remember that if you ever feel down, lonely or

depressed, you must realize that you are loved!

Our spirit guides, angels, loved ones who have

passed, soul friends/mates, and many more are cheering for us on the other side to keep going!

You owe it to yourself and to them to continue!"

- Psychic Medium, Chris Fleming

Question: Matt, people who have died, can they travel back in time?

"The answer to your question is YES! They do not ask

to do it – but the moment when you pass on, you go

through “the life review”. It’s an entire look back on

your life. You go through the life review, because

it shows you “why” you were put here on this earth.

It is part of our transition to the other side.”

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Candid Camera:

Your Favorite Paranormal

Personalities  ​Unwind...

"Little messages from Heaven can change the

whole day!" Psychic Medium, Theresa Caputo


Insights with Psychic Medium, Matt Fraser

"God is still talking. The spirit world is very much alive.

Take some time to sit quietly and listen." Dustin Pari

Beyond The Lens...

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"I guess labels seem

to follow me." Grant

Compiled and edited by Renee

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"Throwing shakas with

the King of Atlantis." Josh

"No one wants to see you win more than God." Anonymous

Mike G. at the Bell Mansion.

"Are you ready for #TheHolzerFiles reunion?

That’s right! Me, Dave Schrader, and Medium

Cindy will be together in the UK for the first

time! This is the ONLY chance to see all 3 of

us together outside the USA this year at the

Festival of the Unexplained 2024. Hope to see you there! #TheHolzerFilesShane

Chelsea at Hinsdale House.

“My mind still talks to you, and my heart still looks for

you, but my soul knows you are at peace.” – Author Unknown

#ProjectFear on The Jason Show.

"The Paranormal is a special field and so are the people. Conversations are often deep and sharing this passion is priceless."

"I am at the historic (and

haunted) Lemp Mansion.

#HauntedHospitals~ Richard

Congratulations, Shane – this news is amazing!

Matt says,

"Doing what I love." ~ Shane

"Treat ghosts like the people they are and it all just falls into place. #GhostHuntersGrant

"Rule #1: Do what makes you happy!" Author Unknown

"YES, we do, and it looks like your house here in this world. Remember, Heaven reflects what we love here in this world."

It looks like everyone

is having fun at this

year's #MiParacon.

“FYI, no one goes to heaven kicking and screaming. You are told before you die, as you are passing what is happening to you.” – Psychic Medium, Matt Fraser

Psst! Do you want to know a secret?

Well, this really should not be a secret...

"Until we meet again, trust in the

signs!" - Psychic Medium, Matt Fraser

"Even if you don’t see me

in the episode, I am always

here. #PCOC" ~ Brian

"I got my eyes examined

by a FAMOUS EYE DOCTOR. #ProjectFear~ Dakota

Dustin at Edinburgh Manor.

Greg made a quick visit

to​ #TheHauntedMuseum.

Question: Matt, do we have a house in Heaven?

"Just a little morning coffee

with the spirits of Malvern

Manor. #SupernaturalChad

Reviewed by Renee

To learn more about "the life review"

Matt has a new book coming out...

Matt says,

"Am I the only one who thinks graveyards

are actually calming and beautiful?" ~ Katrina

"I love the #Project

Fear crew!" ~ Kalani