Haunted Towns - Season 1; Episode 6
In this photo,
Mike G. can be seen standing in a Cape May

(New Jersey) Cemetery near the Physick family plot. The Tennessee Wraith Chasers were in this beachside community

to investigate the Physic Estate for a possible portal being opened due to a former Physic family member, who had the panache for seances, spirit boards and Spiritualism in her day!

"Remember that if you ever feel down, lonely or

depressed, you must realize that you are loved!

Our spirit guides, angels, loved ones who have

passed, soul friends/mates, and many more are cheering for us on the other side to keep going!

You owe it to yourself and to them to continue!"

- Psychic Medium, Chris Fleming

"Hey Chip, am I doing

this right?" ~ Shane

"So yes, all spirits have access to our life here in this world. I know this sounds creepy, but you have souls that are with you, (watching over you) you have know

idea because you have never met them here on earth."

"I guess labels seem

to follow me." Grant

Question, can a soul stay around for a while after death? Do they have the energy to do so?

Is it true? Colin from


can be seen sleeping

on the #ProjectFear job?

“My mind still talks to you, and my heart still looks for you, but my soul knows you are at peace.” – Author Unknown

"No one wants to see you win more than God." Anonymous

"Colin eating dinner + snoring

in his sleeping arrangement (Ghostly Screams While Sleeping

Alone At Pennhurst Asylum)

has me dying! #ProjectFear" ~ Dakota

"They do. If you feel like someone is watching,

you then that means that a soul is trying to

get a message to you. Your loved ones take a

lot of time choosing what symbols to get your attention."

Matt says,

"Until we meet again, trust in the

signs!" - Psychic Medium, Matt Fraser

Compiled and edited by Renee

#ProjectFear on The Jason Show.

Question, if I keep my loved ones ashes, does that prevent them from going to heaven?

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Candid Camera:

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Insights with Matt Fraser

"God is still talking. The spirit world is very much alive.

Take some time to sit quietly and listen." Dustin Pari

Beyond The Lens...


"I love books, especially when my friends

write them. Huge congratulations to Adam

Berry on the release of “Goodbye, Hello”, an

incredibly important book about processing

grief through the paranormal. It’s available

everywhere, even the audio book! So proud

of you, Adam! #TheUnbinding~ Greg

"I got my eyes examined

by a FAMOUS EYE DOCTOR. #ProjectFear~ Dakota

"Rule #1: Do what makes you happy!" Author Unknown

"A headstone tells

a story." ~ Dustin

Question, do all spirits see us or just our loved ones?

"Treat ghosts like the people they are and it all just falls into place. #GhostHuntersGrant

Matt says,

"Thank you, everyone! I could

not have done this without you.

#KindredSpirits" ~ Adam

Chip at the NJ ParaUnity Expo.

It looks like everyone

is having fun at this

year's #MiParacon.

"I love the #Project

Fear crew!" ~ Kalani

Matt says,

"Throwing shakas with

the King of Atlantis." Josh

"You can always find me in the graveyard." ~ Steve

"Am I the only one who thinks graveyards

are actually calming and beautiful?" ~ Katrina

Reviewed by Renee

Greg made a quick visit

to​ #TheHauntedMuseum.

"Sometimes when you walk through a cemetery you find yourself." ~ Tenney

"The Paranormal is a special field and so are the people. Conversations are often deep and sharing this passion is priceless."

"No, not in any way preventing them from crossing over. Your loved ones in spirit do not care about what you do with their physical body."

"Thank you for the book, Adam!

I cannot wait to read it! #ProjectFearDakota