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"Hearing a Spirit say your name is what keeps bringing me back. What always gets me is how they know it... before even telling them... they're telling you... #GhostStalkers" ~Chad 

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"You know it!
A very good lesson for all." 
~ Dustin

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​​"Spirits they're made up of an energy that we just don't really know how they're able to possess you. There's so much unknown that you start to find that energy out on a personal level when they go home with you It's amazing what kind of havoc it can reak in your life, and in your own body. And, you start learning that really quick - they can do a lot of bad things to you - the negative ones. They can give you depression. They can give you health problems. They can possess you. They can make you suicidal... they can oppress you. Negative spirits just like in their material form, if they were a human spirit, and I don't think I was calling them out can cause you harm."

~ Zak Bagans

What's A Conversation Between Friends?

 Transcribed by Renee Daigle

"I once bought a metaphysical tool at a paranormal event that the seller told me they had handmade... a month later I found them bulk on Amazon. There’s a lot of peeps out there exploiting spirituality for profit, so be smart, and do your research before getting taken advantage of." Weird Dana

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"So Sad when an investigator loses their life while investigating. Stay safe and alert out there!" ~Jason

First set up a large temp alter, 
then use your Florida water!

"Evil breaks you down little by little. It pokes into your aura." ~Kim

With intentions & prayers stated while lighting & placing, let the flame do the rest!

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 After all the base layers came off the wife checked my leg, and this is the result (in the attic) of the #HauntedLive Bell Witch episode." ~ Doogie

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Message from Zak

Saint Michael - The Archangel

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host - by the Divine Power of God - cast into hell, Satan and all the evil spirits, who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.


Did U Hear That?!

"Spirit Guides" ~ People who help you find what you are looking for in a liquor store." ~Mike

Paranormal Tip:

"Research, a most necessary component to a paranormal investigation." ~Amy Bruni

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"I am a Demonologist.

I investigate like a

ghost hunter.

I use all the same

equipment and technique.

Except, I use religious provocation." ~Ralph Sarchie

"Never go looking for ghosts, if you have to trespass!" ~Zak

"Pro Tip..." ~Grant

"Everyone thinks that being a paranormal investigator is all ghosts and ghouls and terrifying brushes with the unknown, but it's mostly just convincing people to take ownership of their traumatic situations and saying "it's not a demon" over and over and over." ~ Greg Newkirk

​​A Message from Katrina​
"Sometimes the buildings are more dangerous than the paranormal. You can get hurt doing this type of work."

"The most crucial part of investigating the paranormal... RESEARCH! #GhostAdventures" ~ Zak

"Spirits usually have an agenda, they don't come and make a noise for no reason. Making noise means they want something!" ~ Kim

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Place each item with clear and direct intention! 

State it out loud or to yourself, all will hear!

Murray (right) with Zak and Aaron taping 

at The Moon River Brewery Company

More to come later! Thanks, Amy

"Possession is very rare and involves one handing over their free will, giving their consent for it to occur. Pure possession is even more rare and can happen without consent." ~ Dustin

"No psychic/medium should ever deliver info/messages without first asking permission to do so. No “ambush” readings!" ~ Chip

"History IS a ghost story..." ~ Jeff

Things You Can Use to Clear
You and Your Home
To Remove Any Attachments

"Something weird is going on and dead people make the most sense..." ~ Grant

"Attention: "Wannabe" psychics: 
Don’t come to me saying you’ve been contacted by "any" of my deceased loved ones, and don’t try to tell me you see them in "any" of my photos. This makes me want to gag every time!"
 ~ Amy Bruni

"As a paranormal investigator, I'm really in the business of

inter-dimensional customer service." ~Grant

"It's funny how our culture has been trained to think TV = validation. Because someone is associated with a show, some take that to mean they're automatically trustworthy - and that's not always true."  Michelle Belanger

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"I fear the living much more than I do the dead..."  ~Chad

"You have to know the history before you go investigate." ~ Zak

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"I have a very strong & unwavering faith based belief system. I wear religious medals and I always carry a St. Benedict cross and holy water with me. And I pray A LOT!" ~Chip

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"Many people wear St. Benedict jubilee medals as spiritual protection against evil." ~ Chip

A Message from Chad

"A PSA from your friendly neighborhood Paranormal Investigator. Shit gets real. 
Be careful."

"I can honestly say that of all the cases I've investigated; living, breathing people were the cause of the phenomena at least 80 percent of the time. You teach people to handle their emotions and you can calm a haunting." ~Greg Newkirk

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