The Dead Files Case File: "Terrorland - Lake Shawnee, West Virginia"

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The Dead Files ​Case File:

"Jumped - Sauk Centre, Minnesota"

Compiled and edited by Renee

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“This is real! I have to be honest, up until that moment right there, 100 percent, I didn’t believe in any of this!” ~Adam, the cameraman

It seems to be a favorite haunt to investigate... #LizzyBordenHouse

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Mike, Chris and Brannon traveled to Lake Shawnee during a Ghost Hunt Weekend event.

Paranormal Case Files

​​In the new episode of The Dead Files, Amy and Steve traveled to West Virginia to investigate an abandoned amusement park in the town of Lake Shawnee. This so-called haunted or “cursed” amusement park's ownership has been in their client’s family since 1985.

Chris’ father purchased the land with the intentions of restoring Lake Shawnee Amusement Park back to its natural splendor, when it the park originally opened in the late-1920s. However, due to health reasons, his father wasn’t able to make his dream a reality, and passed away before he could see what this land could have been.

With the recent death of his brother, Chris decided to reach out to Steve and Amy for help, as he is seeking advice on how to keep their family’s land safe from the overwhelming paranormal activity. Chris hopes these two paranormal professionals can instruct him on how to keep the property safe for his mother (who lives on the property), volunteers; and of course, their guests.

Here are some highlighted quotes from this exciting episode:

  • “I don’t feel safe here. Too much death.” ~Amy

  • “So far, I got a client who fears for the safety of his mother, volunteers and guests. On a property where two kids drowned, two other kids were murdered and Native American remains were found.” ~ Steve

  • “I think whatever is here wanted to be the only attraction. I don’t think it didn’t want anything else.” ~ Jewell

  • “We give history tours and ghost hunting tours.” ~ Chris

  • “Native Americans cause accidents to happen here.” ~Amy

  • “It’s really hard for me to say stop doing events and investigations here. Because, I feel this place should be investigated. What I am thinking is maybe really screen who’s coming here, and why. Because, you really don’t want antagonistic people here like - they’re going to drink and party and ‘were going to hunt ghosts’. I think after every event and investigations an offering needs to be left. The Native Americans don’t feel respected.” ~ Amy

  • Chris and Jewell are now asking visitors to bring offering to the Native Americans.

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Jeff said to Amy, "I believe God gives us the tools to deal... God led us to you." ~ The Dead Files client ~ Macon, GA episode

Mulder meets Tsoukalos

"Could it be that I'm standing next to the legend himself, Rob

Clotworthy, narrator of #AncientAliens?

Ancient Astronaut Theorists say, Yes..." ~ Giorgio

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In this week's episode of The Dead Files, Amy and Steve traveled to  Sauk Centre, Minnesota. These paranormal experts were called in by Kelly, the owner of The Palmer House Hotel. Kelly claims that her paranormal passion project has been become more of a nightmare lately - than her life's mission. She and her guest, Wyatt, appeared before Amy and Steve. The two poured out their hearts about how the paranormal activity has been increasing rapidly, and they want the dangerous dead to stop!

To be honest, I would have to say, during the reveal the energy in the room escalated to a new level, I have seen in a while. As Amy had no problem calling out Kelly. She saw visions of ghost hunting events during her walk-through. The dead confirmed, these events were being held regularly at this haunted hotel. Unbeknownst to Steve, he looked noticeably upset that Kelly wasn't honest about her actual intentions. As he knows, by now, these events are not always held with the mindset (and respect) for the dead.

"People seem to forget ghosts were people and why I do what I do is to help the dead." ~Amy


"I am a psychic who intuitively knows things about people, places and things. I am also a medium who communicates with the deceased." ~Chip

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