​​In the new episode of The Dead Files, Amy and Steve traveled to West Virginia to investigate an abandoned amusement park in the town of Lake Shawnee. This so-called haunted or “cursed” amusement park's ownership has been in their client’s family since 1985.

Chris’ father purchased the land with the intentions of restoring Lake Shawnee Amusement Park back to its natural splendor, when it the park originally opened in the late-1920s. However, due to health reasons, his father wasn’t able to make his dream a reality, and passed away before he could see what this land could have been.

With the recent death of his brother, Chris decided to reach out to Steve and Amy for help, as he is seeking advice on how to keep their family’s land safe from the overwhelming paranormal activity. Chris hopes these two paranormal professionals can instruct him on how to keep the property safe for his mother (who lives on the property), volunteers; and of course, their guests.

Here are some highlighted quotes from this exciting episode:

  • “I don’t feel safe here. Too much death.” Amy

  • “So far, I got a client who fears for the safety of his mother, volunteers and guests. On a property where two kids drowned, two other kids were murdered and Native American remains were found.” ~ Steve

  • “I think whatever is here wanted to be the only attraction. I don’t think it didn’t want anything else.” ~ Jewell

  • “We give history tours and ghost hunting tours.” ~ Chris

  • “Native Americans cause accidents to happen here.” ~ Amy

  • “It’s really hard for me to say stop doing events and investigations here. Because, I feel this place should be investigated. What I am thinking is maybe really screen who’s coming here, and why. Because, you really don’t want antagonistic people here like - they’re going to drink and party and ‘were going to hunt ghosts’. I think after every event and investigations an offering needs to be left. The Native Americans don’t feel respected.” Amy

  • Chris and Jewell are now asking visitors to bring offering to the Native Americans.

Paranormal Case File

                 Is It Real By Renee

"Here's some advice for newbie tarot enthusiasts! Get to know the interpretations, spend time with the powerful messages imbued in each card, and once you have mastered them, rediscover what they mean to you through your own intuition."  Weird Dana

"Tarot is my paranormal investigation tool of choice,

be it ghosts, goblins, or even Bigfoot!" ~ Weird Dana

Billy, in a recent episode of #GhostAdventures, why did you use a Polaroid camera during the investigation?

In this life there’s nothing more important than family, so when a member of the Ghost Adventures team’s family member needs help… well, they all answer the call!

In the “Goodwin Home Invasion” episode, we see the team band together

to investigate a threatening paranormal presence at Don’s residence. 

“I really think that the dark energy followed me home,” said Aaron. 

Back story: Aaron bought this Las Vegas home, while working as a paranormal investigator. In an innocent transaction, he sold this house

to his father not knowing there was an evil entity taking up residency

in the home’s kitchen and bedroom.

Halfway through this investigation, the team caught an unusual EVP,

“I don’t believe” on the digital recorder. At that point, Zak said, “We are dealing with something very serious here.”

The moral of this investigation, when you conjure up an unclean spirit - remember to cleanse yourself before leaving the investigation site - as you can see, no one is above attachments. In my humble opinion, it’s not right to have someone you love endure the unnecessary psychological experience - just because you decided to follow your curiosity to a place you saw on television. 

Per Aaron, “My Dad is so much better now. He is a strong dude, and if or when the hauntings pick up again, we will be back.”

Paranormal Case File

How long does it take to film one episode of #KindredSpirits?

"This show is our lives! #GhostAdventures" ~ Jay

"It's a different form of media and it's instant. Spirits have been known to appear in these types of photos as they are developing... showing up sometimes as anomalies - and even mist like letters or words. It's fascinating."Billy

​​​​Mike, Chris and Brannon traveled to Lake

Shawnee during a Ghost Hunt Weekend event.

"I don't like seeing myself on television, it's like listening to my voice on tape; but I don't have any problems with this shot. #KindredSpirits" John Tenney

"It usually takes us 3 - 4 days on location to film an episode of #KindredSpirits." ~ Chip

Chip, during the show, do you help the spirits move on who are lost?

Just curious to know: when filming#KindredSpirits, how do you decide on the editing. What's in and what's out?

"... you, and everyone else, do not need to be on television to be amazing!" ~ Dustin

Compiled and edited by Renee

"The network and producers decide what content will appear in the show's final cut. Remember: we film for countless hours at each location and have only 44 minutes of television time to present a story that the audience can follow and enjoy." ~ Chip

In my humble opinion, Portals to Hell (on the Travel Channel) is one of the most informative paranormal reality television shows on television today... below are the quotes from Bobby Mackey's Music World to help you decide, if you want to investigate this haunted attraction.

Season One – Episode 3 – Bobby Mackey’s Music World

“It’s concerning to me when Laura (one of the paranormal tour guides at Bobby Mackey’s Music World) said to me, that some of the entities here follow people home, that’s my biggest fear when doing this kind of work.”
~ Jack Osbourne

“People are confused about portals. They always ask me, what is a portal, there’s nothing magical about a portal. If I use this cup to communicate with a demonic entity, this is now a portal. Once I use that device specifically to make communication with a demonic entity – you open up

a portal, and that is what a portal is.” ~ Bishop James Long

“The minute, you step foot into a place, where you know it’s demonic, and

the minute you ask, “Is anyone one here and make a noise?” Now, you have invited.” ~ Bishop James Long

Katrina explains to Jack about the religious medals given to them by Bishop James Long. Here's her analogy of both sides of the coin:

“If you believe in the religious objects that were given to you – that could form some sort of protection – so, if you did technically rid of them – you would be without protection – meaning, you could be a trigger. On the flip side, they could act as a trigger, so you had them on you – you could be more a target. If we are going with the theory, I am going that if there is more of a demonic force that would react to something that is blessed by
a Bishop – then these things will act as a trigger."

“Those forces that control these portals are negative.”
Cindy Kaza,

Psychic Medium

“I wouldn’t spend a lot of time in this place – I wouldn’t…psychologically

it could really mess you up – really mess you up!” Cindy Kaza

“That’s how they work; they (demonic) tell you little bits of truth, so you believe everything that came through.”
Katrina Weidman

“People have claimed that Bobby Mackey’s is literally a portal to hell and after this investigation – I would have to agree with them.”
~ Jack Osbourne

“If someone asked me my advice about investigating Bobby Mackey’s – it’s pretty simple: I would tell them not to go!"
~ Jack Osbourne

"During my many years of being a medium, I rarely encounter earthbound/

lost or wandering souls. I believe that the vast majority of dead people make a successful and complete transition into the afterlife." ~ Chip

As seen on an episode of #KindredSpirits, tarot reading

By Weird Dana

"It's a pleasure sharing paranormal news with you!" ~Renee

"It's totally normal to connect with one divination tool over another! It's possible you're mean to be working with runes at this point in your life. If tarot is something you really want to connect with, be patient and open, and when you're ready the right deck will appear." ~ Weird Dana

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​​The Dead Files Case File: "Terrorland -

Lake Shawnee, West Virginia"

"The most important skill you can foster as a paranormal investigator is being able to talk to people; because, if you're actually serious, you'll

be doing that more than anything else. Learn to

relate to people. Learn to listen to people, and

learn to respect people." ~ Greg Newkirk

"Shout out to the people who watch ghost shows just to pick them apart.

We love you! Because, hey, at least you're watching! #KindredSpirits" ~ Amy