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Do you know if Skinwalker Ranch offers public tours?​​
“We do not allow any public tours or access of any kind
at Skinwalker Ranch due to both the extreme liability issues and sensitivity of the ongoing scientific investigation. Very few have ever been allowed behind the gates. This is typically limited to scientists and third party experts. 

#TheSecretOfSkinwalkerRanch ~ Brandon Fugal

                 Reliable Reporting By Renée

2) Eastern State Penitentiary located in Philadelphia,

Pennsylvania. Per their website, this historic building was once the most famous and expensive prison in the world, but stands today in ruin, a haunting world of crumbling cellblocks and empty guard towers. Its vaulted, sky-lit cells once held many of America’s most notorious lawbreakers including, “Slick Willie” Sutton and “Scarface” Al Capone.

Jason told the audience, “I have investigated this place many times… I can personally attest, this historic prison still possesses malevolent forces, which inhabit these cells making this one of the most terrifying prisons in the world.”

"To be honest, what you had caught there is why

I wanted to see this location so bad. I had to see this for myself. #DestinationFear~ Alex

1) Harrisville Farmhouse located in Harrisville, Rhode Island.

“My Most Terrifying Place is a house, so sinister it was the inspiration for the movie, ‘The Conjuring’,” Jason concluded,

“A house that the spirits made themselves known to me numerous times and turning doorknobs… it is a place any paranormal investigator would love to cross off their list until someone can cleanse it of its demon, The Harrisville Farmhouse will remain the world’s most terrifying place.”

Tanner spent his time in the I.C.U. on the fourth floor of the new building, he heard unexplained footsteps in the hallway.

"Just a little souvenir I brought home after meeting Robert The Doll (East Martello Museum in Key West, Florida). #ShockDocs: The Curse of Robert The Doll

is now streaming on Discovery Plus." ~ Medium Cindy 

Alex asks the Ovilus, “Are you messing with us? Toying with us? Having your fun?

Is that what you are doing, right now? I do not understand, what do you want from us? What are you trying to do?” Ton of static sound turns to, “Hello?” from the walkie. Dakota adds, “There should be no one on these walkies, as he reaches out

to Tanner on his walkie. He does not respond. Dakota continues, “This has never

happened before.” Alex’s conclusion, “Whatever is up here can manipulate anything

it wants to.” – Alex and Dakota are in the hallway of the East and West side of the

old building… The only thing between them is a line of rem-pods.

“Believe it or not, I am stoked to go

to work. #HauntedHospitals” ~ Richard

​​Being a true paranormal investigator is not about running around screaming

or negatively provoking reactions. In my opinion, it is about finding breakthrough

evidence, seeing beauty in historical places, helping those in need, talking to

souls from the past and hearing stories lost in time.” ~ Author Unknown

Unbeknownst to Chelsea, the Laser Grid captured an unexplained shadow move past it. “I swear, I could hear something running or walking very fast down this hallway. (Pause) That’s so weird, I just heard an actual voice.” – 
Chelsea, second floor hallway of the new building.

"Hello! I am Jason Hawes. I have been investigating some of the 'most terrifying places' in the world for the past 30 years. I have explored haunted and disturbing sites and often had to look terror in the eyes to explain the unexplainable.

The following places are the top most terrifying from my personal experiences."

5)Hotel Monte Vista located in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Per their website, this historic hotel opened its doors on New Year’s Day of 1927. This spooky location can be found one block North of U.S. Route 66. All types of strange phenomena are reported at the hotel by spirits who make noise, move furniture, and make sudden appearances. Most notable story derives from room 306. Jason disclosed, “I’m surprised that anyone wants to stay in that room.”

"I think "Winchester Mystery House" is completely

gorgeous and terrifying at the same time." ~ Chelsea

9) Sweetwater Mansion located in Florence, Alabama.

The eight-room plantation mansion was built from bricks that were on the site of Sweetwater Creek, which lay just below the house. Sweetwater Mansion received its name from the creek and its first occupant General John Brahan’s son-in-law, Robert Patton, a post-Civil War governor of Alabama, who completed the mansion in 1835.  Per their website, Sweetwater Mansion is permanently closed. The current owner said, “This is the home of the dead and it belongs to them.”

In season four, episode four, Tanner has taken control of the proverbial wheel, and brought his investigator friends to the “Old Historic Harriman Hospital” located in Harriman, Tennessee for a nighttime investigation.

Here are my "quotable" takeaways that highlight this episode:

“Historic medical facilities are locations that I am the most interested in (by far). They are also ones that tend to hold some of the most tragic stories and seem to always be packed with unexplained activity. Tanner’s location may be one that’s “off the radar” for most but was also off the chain when it came to what we experienced there!” – 
“I brought the crew to the (Old Historic) Harriman Hospital. This location has never been seen on television before. Get ready for one crazy night, as we explore the creepiest and scariest hospital that we have ever been to!” – Tanner

3) Moon River Brewing Company located in Savannah,

Georgia. “Trust me on this one, you will get more than beer here,” recalled Jason. It all started with Elazer Early, a native of Charleston, South Carolina, who constructed this building, as the City Hotel in 1821. Not only was it the first hotel in Savannah, but it was also home to the first branch of the United States Post Office in Savannah. The building is alleged to be haunted… it is rumored that people who died during the city's yellow fever outbreak of 1876 haunt this building. Why? Because, they say building was used as a makeshift hospital during the epidemic. Plus, a “Lady in White” and a murdered gambler, James Stark makes for one interesting, guided tour.

10) Randolph County Infirmary Asylum located in Winchester, Indiana. Per their website, the asylum also has an unmarked cemetery somewhere on the grounds, where some former residents of the poorhouse were buried. Jason said, “This place sits abandon except for one terrifying presence, the Shadow Man. This entity

you definitely think you do not want to cross.”

"Dakota says, “This poster was on the wall at Defiance Jr. High School located in Ohio. #DestinationFear – season four - episode three.

8) Warwick Castle located in Warwick, England.

The history of Warwick Castle begins in the year 914, where an early Anglo-Saxon burh was established on the site, which was essentially an old-fortified settlement. With a vast and impressive heritage spanning centuries, the Castle still remains a hotspot for curious tourists and history enthusiasts, largely due to the fact that the Castle itself is fascinating. Jason remarked, “It’s about time

I head back to merry old’ England for a visit.”

"... you, and everyone else, do not need to be on television to be amazing!" ~ Dustin Pari

Did you know that Dustin Pari's photo

hangs on the wall at The Circa 1886

Olde Park Hotel in Ballinger, Texas?

#DestinationFear - season four - episode five

The Good-bye Thought:
“I think, we scratched the surface, but I believe there is a lot more

we need to learn about the Old Historic Harriman Hospital.” – Chelsea

"Alex is relentless... #DestinationFear" ~ Dakota

"A look ahead... Wraith Tour 2023

brings us back to The Old Harriman Hospital for a full night of Wraith Chasin' on Friday, March 24th, 2023.

Hope to see you there!" ~ TWC

Stephen King’s 1408 short story was inspired by the paranormal activity occurring on the third-

floor room 303 of the Omni Parker House, located

at 60 School Street in Boston, MA, considered one of the most haunted hotels in America.

7) Calumet Theater located in Calumet, Michigan.

In the midst of the copper mining industry, the town decided to build a theater, which opened its doors in March of 1900. With several ghostly encounters seen and experienced on this historic property, Jason expressed, “Today the playhouse is known for being one of the most terrifying places in the nation. I would think twice before I see any performances here.” 

“When you walk into a building with such a finite recorded history, you have to let whatever activity that is in there find you.” – Tanner

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Editor’s note, the voice that emerged from Dakota’s walkie sounded like

Tanner. In actuality, this scenario was not Tanner’s voice. This was the

second (human) mimic-sound that happened during this spooky investigation.

4) Canfield Casino located in Saratoga, New York.

Per their website, The Saratoga Springs History Museum was founded in 1883 as the Saratoga Historical Society. As one of the earliest organizations of its type, the early collections and displays were quite eclectic.

One of the four original founders, Ellen Hardin Walworth, was one of the Daughters of the American Revolution. The museum acquired artifacts from the Trustees personal collections. Jason explained, “This place

is one of my personal haunted places. Over the years, the dark entity has penetrated into the family’s air looms, which many believe has stirred up recent activity to make this place a paranormal playground.”

Most Terrifying Places with Jason Hawes
Episode: “Jason’s Top Ten”

Salutations Friends, I really enjoy reporting on haunted locations that I have seen on ghost hunting television shows. As you know, there are so many distractions on social media that my goal (with this column)

is to be a resource in your investigation into the paranormal tourism abyss. Thank you for your time, Renee.

6) Ocracoke Island located in North Carolina. Most

of the island is still just as uninhabited as it was

on a spring day in 1585, when seven English ships appeared off Ocracoke inlet. “This place might be hard

to find, but not to forget,” Jason recounted, “Mariners beware! Do not let your guard down… not even for a second! Just because Blackbeard’s sails are no longer spotted on Ocracoke waters, his spirit still pillages those who dare to trespass on his shores.”

DakotaTannerChelsea and Alex in front of "Old

Harriman Hospital" for #DestinationFear season four episode.

These are the four haunted places in (Old Historic) Harriman Hospital…