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Dan Klaes, owner of the Haunted Hinsdale

House with Dustin from #GhostHunters.

With the season quietly changing and the sad end of #ProjectFear’s

Haunted Road Trip – the writer within had me scrolling “bucket list”

adventures. This is what I found; do you agree?

“I told you I had something major in the works. Who had cookbook

on their Amy Bruni 2024 bingo card? I am so incredibly proud to

introduce “Food to Die For” Recipes and Stories from America’s

Most Legendary Haunted Places,” reveals Amy.

Premise: Discover tempting recipes, spine-tingling stories,

and historic photos from the most notoriously haunted

locations across America in this fun and fascinating cookbook.

Paranormal investigator and Kindred Spirits co-host, Amy Bruni,

leads you through eerie hotels, haunted homes, hellish hospitals,

and spooky ghost towns, giving you stories and a recipe from

each place.
Release date: July 30, 2024

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"When in doubt, pray it out. “Demonic Oppression

Captured at Hinsdale House” #ProjectFear” ~ Chelsea

"I do not think anyone will ever beat Sam and Colby,

the guys from #ProjectFear, and Joe Rogan collaboration.

Absolutely mind-blowing!” – Kalani, Ghost Hunter

"Hello, I am from #ProjectFear. Of course,

we are still referring to our videos as

episodes - because, we still think we are

on television." ~ Dakota 

“It is not haunted. It is demonic. “The Most Scared

We've Ever Been - Sallie House” #ProjectFear” ~ Tanner

If New England haunts and its history are important to you – then you will love

what #GhostAdventures writer, Jeff Belanger and local radio host, Ray Auger

weekly podcast, “New England Legends”. Their mission is to tell one (New England)

story at a time. And for what it’s worth, the scary content is pure magic!

Jason Hawes and Jim Johnson recently sat down on Jason’s

YouTube channel to answer your questions… here’s what they

said about #GhostHunters and paranormal programming:

“The hardest thing for a paranormal investigator

to do is to live in the moment when we are constantly

thinking about the past. #KindredSpirits” Adam

Hello, Friends! We hope you are doing well during these turbulent times in paranormal television. To be honest, it seems that no one truly knows what is really going on with cable network’s paranormal programming these days. As you know, there has been so much uncertainty. All of us

here at Paranormal Critics feel your pain. We are trying to stay in the

know, the best way we know how. With that said, I have compiled and edited a few questions (in this column) to help ease your broken heart.

The Haunted Hinsdale House

3830 McMahon Road

Hinsdale, NY


Question, what is the status of #GhostHunters, are you cancelled?

Television is changing. Cable networks are changing.

It is all an influx. It seems to change daily – it is that

fast! It is no secret that these networks are trying to

find themselves – they’re trying to figure out how they’re

going to survive in this environment of streaming.”

"#AncientAliens was a clue recently on Jeopardy!.

How many of you can guess the answer?" ~ Giorgio

"Just an FYI, for anyone letting the episodes build up to binge.

That is actually not great for your favorite show's ratings.

The television executive would like their viewers to watch

the shows live or within seven days. Though, I totally get why you would want to binge watch your favorite paranormal shows!"

Premise: Jeopardy! champion

and host Ken Jennings presents

a hilarious travel guide to the

afterlife, exploring destinations

to die for from literature, mythology and pop culture. 

"... you, and everyone else, do not need to be on television to be amazing!" ~ Dustin Pari

​Jim says, 

"One of these men looks happier than

the other. #HauntedHospitals" ~ Richard

Salutations Friends, I really enjoy reporting on haunted locations that I have seen on ghost hunting television shows. As you know, there are so many distractions on social media that my goal (with this column)

is to be a resource in your investigation into the paranormal tourism abyss. Thank you for your time, Renee.

"My new rule from here on out. If I am not having fun

filming it, I am not going to make it.” ~ Kalani, Ghost Hunter

The Sallie House

508 North Second Street
Atchison, KS

Email: tours@atchisonkansas.net

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#GhostHunters is not cancelled, we chose not to go down

a certain path. We did not like the path we were going, so

we stopped doing it. So, now, we are taking it one day at

a time and letting the network and production company

figure it out – even if it goes to different networks – we

will sit down and we will decide. We definitely want to work

with a network that wants to work with us.”

"Hi, my name is Amy Bruni. I have been investigating and researching

the paranormal for over twenty years. While you may have seen me on

television shows like #KindredSpirits and #GhostHunters or perhaps

you have read my book, “Life with the Afterlife: 13 Truths I Learned

About Ghosts”. My podcast, #HauntedRoad, will take you places that

are unlike anything I have been able to share before.

Everyone loves a good ghost story, but with Haunted Road, we delve

deeper into the history of the world’s most notoriously haunted sites followed by first-hand accounts as we interview people who have actually experienced the supernatural in these locations themselves.

"I don’t know at what point I became a storyteller - and I never

thought looking for ghosts would turn me into one - but damn it, I love it!

Sadly, season five has come to an end. Do not worry, we are already hard

at work on season six of Haunted Road. In the meantime, you can always catch up on any missed episodes on your favorite paranormal platform.

Thank you for your support!~ Amy

Joe Rogan’s Comedy Mothership

320 East 6th Street

Austin, TX

Email: info@comedymothership.com

​Jason says, 

                 Reliable Reporting By Renée