"Welcome to the weekend!" ~ Mike G.

Thank you, Jeff!

To: My Fellow Speakers and Maybe Someone New

to Public Speaking. I want to let you know that the

conference organizers who suggest that you should present for free and pay your own way because “it will be good for your exposure” are taking advantage of your core. Don’t fall for it. Everyone deserves to be paid. Value your time.”

There is room, who's joining us?

Thank you, Jeff!

"Where are you drinking your morning tea?" Mike G.

"Who you gonna call?"




Where is Shane?

Mr. Herman and the merchandise table.

"Friday is the day to set your spirit free and let your dreams take flight." - Author Unknown

"Chasing Wraiths this weekend at one of my favorite haunts. #Haunted

Hospitals~ Richard

Save The Date

"Had a blast investigating #MalvernManor with Johnny Houser." ~ Chris

"The past couple of lectures, I have shared my story

with familiar and unfamiliar faces. It’s been a scary,

uncomfortable process but if it helps someone, it

is worth it to me. Thank you for allowing me to share

the journey with all of you. #TheHolzerFilesShane

"Yes, that's right! We're headed back up to East Bethany,

NY for a weekend of Wraith Chasin' the one and only,

Rolling Hills Asylum! What better way to spend National

Ghost Hunting Day than a night at the Asylum?" ~ Mike G.

Shane and Chris at the Rhodes Hall Castle.

"What a great weekend Chasin' in 'The House of Heard!' Looking forward

to getting back soon."

"FYI, they got this at The Jefferson

Hotel, just sayin..." ~ Mike G.

Presenter’s Service Announcement
#AncientAliens Giorgio Tsoukalos

In our endeavor to be supportive within the paranormal community, we have compiled a calendar of familiar events for 2024.

With that said, please email us at theparanormalcritics@gmail.com

with any updates or add-ons that need publishing. Thank you!

Richard at #SalemWitchBoardMuseum.

"Welcome to the weekend

Where are you drinking your morning coffee? All I have

is this Pepsi!" ~ Mike G.

"Just FYI, if there’s a paranormal event out there you really want to attend, do a little research on the event and the promoters. Have they run an event before? Are their reviews of their events online? What do past guests say? Choose wisely. Be informed. #PortalsToHellM. Belanger

#GhostHunters Richel and Brian

Grand Midway Hotel.

Cool picture!


"Promoting my friends’ events does nothing to take away from my events. I believe we are all in this together; 

I care enough to help and raise us all up." ~ Dustin

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