“If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans.” – James Herriot

“Absolutely, yes! I have experienced cats and dogs. #GhostHunters

Adam Says,

Great question! Spirits do not only come

out at night, but most people are more likely

to notice them at night because a lot of our

distractions and noise goes away. #PortalsToHell

Must See TV

Michelle Says,

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"Animals deserve our love, care, and trust. A pet is for life! They have a soul, emotions, and consciousness just like us. They came from the creator and they go back to the creator. #PsychicKids" ~ Chris

Adam, please tell me you get residuals. I like

to think all these shows on hiatus or that have

been cancelled are still paying the people that

made them – even if it’s just a little bit.

Q & A was compiled and edited by Renee

​​Chelsea, do you get a preview of the full episode

– or do you watch the finale product like us?

Sam, do you know when the next Ghost Writers event will take place?

“I get lots of questions about Oliver’s tipped 

ear. Oliver was a Trap-Neuter-Return cat. After the cat is TNR’d and vaccinated, the vet will tip

their ear and release them back to their feral cat colony, that way future rescuers know

that they are fixed and safe to be outside.

#Hellier” ~ Weird Dana

"This was the face that said, “You taking

me home, or what?” We couldn’t possibly

argue with him. #Hellier" ~ Greg

“I wait to watch it with the fear from most of

the time! I like the full experience. #ProjectFear

“We do not get residuals on reality

TV. #KindredSpirits

Supernaturally Speaking

​​Shane asks, “This has been a topic of debate and I want to get your thoughts… How soon after a person dies is it acceptable to attempt communication with them? #TheHolzerFiles

Dustin responds, “I personally do not try to contact them, as I believe that if my family or friends want to reach out to me, they will – and, they have. Statistically speaking, and in accordance with some religious beliefs, it appears that the first two weeks after passing gives you the best chance. #GhostHunters

 Michelle, why do spirits only come out at night?

Witness the strange activity of one of

the most severely haunted locations in

the United States. #SecretsOfTheAsylum

is currently streaming on Fox Nation 
- with all six episodes available to stream!

"Not at the moment, when we are, we will

shout it from the rooftops! #KindredSpirits"

Amy Says,

​​Amy, are you and Adam filming anything

new right now?

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“Y’all know how cute my dog Frankie is,

but I think she channels when she sleeps! Maybe we both see dead people? 

#TheHolzerFiles” Medium Cindy

#Just Asking

"I am bringing back our Ghost Writers group

in January meeting Monday nights from 7 PM -

9 PM starting January the 8th. Join me in my

5-class Ghost Writers journey learning the

basics of writing paranormal-themed books."

"Paramedics — the cool cats of the emergency world. #HauntedHospitals" ~ Richard

Are YOU ready for haunted Eloise?

Jason explains, "The most rewarding part of doing these investigations or doing investigations in general has always been helping those in need – that’s pretty much the fundamentals of why TAPS was put together.

People are calling us in, as the professionals, trying to figure out what’s happening to help them out, and that is what we do. I know a lot of people out there get scared and run out – that’s not us! When something happens, we like towards it – we like to go figure it out what is happening and what is creating that activity.

It has never been about the TV. I mean, we do investigations on and off camera. It has always been about helping as many as we can, and we are doing it free

of charge. The show has just been an avenue to get the word out about the paranormal and help to bring more people together into this community."

Davedo you agree that the Travel Channel ratings are in the crapper because they cancelled almost all of the good stuff to pander to Zak… 

“Discovery Plus bought HBO/Warners

Brothers and a lot of debt. They are

pulling back shows while restructuring.

It has zero to do with Zak. Their show is

the most successful, so of course they

keep it. #TheHolzerFiles

Shari Says,

"Thank you for always supporting the animal welfare stuff I bother you

with. I know sometimes it seems like a hopeless cause, but I assure you

– it really does make a difference!” – Ricky Gervais, comedian

"Thank you for all of the great reviews on

the audio (and print) book version of my new book, The Fright Before ChristmasI had a

great experience narrating it for you.

Those reviews mean a lot!" - Jeff Belanger, writer #GhostAdventures

"People have gone looking for trouble at

the abandoned Eloise Asylum for decades.

But what truly lurks within its walls?

Head to Fox Nation and watch our bone-

chilling new series, #SecretsOfTheAsylum,

to find out." - Painless Production

Shari, Based on your experience, do you believe it is possible there are also spirits of pets not only humans?

For more information, please click this link:

Chelsea Says,

“A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere…” – Groucho Marks

Please adopt, don't shop and help raise awareness

of the desperate situation that all rescues are in!