Brian Says,

“I believe there are aliens. I believe there are cryptids. It is just who I am. #GhostHunters

Zak, What do you think about Bigfoot and cryptids?

Greg,  I am finally getting around to watching

#Hellier… I am halfway through episode two and thoroughly invested… So why do I feel so confused

about what is going on?

“If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans.” – James Herriot

“Estate planning is so much fun! #HauntedHospitals~ Richard Estep

“Why can’t we find Bigfoot, Greg” Greg says, “Well, that is if you are looking at

Bigfoot as an animal, but we think Bigfoot is probably closer to something as

a ghost. Ghosts, poltergeist cases – they leave footprints and handprints all

the time, but you just don’t think anything of it, because they look like ours.

But if it is the ghost of something that used to exist or many something we

would refer to as an egregore conjured by – minds of people thinking about

Bigfoot all over the place. While that is why we do not have any evidence of it.

But the truth is – we do not know. I have no idea what it is… it might not

exist; we are mostly in it because we think it is fun.”

“Absolutely, yes! I have experienced cats and dogs. #GhostHunters

“A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere…” – Groucho Marks

Brian, Do you believe in Bigfoot and cryptids?

Shari, Based on your experience, do you believe it is possible there are also spirits of pets not only humans?

Adam Says,

Shari, Have you ever been ghost hunting in a place so haunted – you just wanted to immediately “just get out”?

"Join author Sam Baltrusis in a five-week class ghost

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"They say, 'Ghost Hunting is like a box of chocolates - you don't know, what you are going to get.' #PortalsToHell" - Jack

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Recently, Greg and Weird Dana were on their local news segment, talking about Bigfoot... this is their response to the newscaster...

Dalen Says,

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Shari Says,

“We filmed specials that have aired on

the Travel Channel called #KindredSpirits:

Resurrected… hopefully, they will put them

up on Discovery Plus, and we can do more

in the future.”

Greg Says,

“Thank you for your question. I used the Sono x10 Spirit Box app. #GhostBrothers

"Animals deserve our love, care, and trust. A pet is for life! They have a soul, emotions, and consciousness just like us. They came from the creator and they go back to the creator. #PsychicKids" ~ Chris

Q & A was compiled and edited by Renee

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“Y’all know how cute my dog Frankie is,

but I think she channels when she sleeps! Maybe we both see dead people? 

#TheHolzerFiles” Medium Cindy

Shari Says,

#Just Asking

“I get lots of questions about Oliver’s tipped 

ear. Oliver was a Trap-Neuter-Return cat. After the cat is TNR’d and vaccinated, the vet will tip

their ear and release them back to their feral cat colony, that way future rescuers know

that they are fixed and safe to be outside.

#Hellier” ~ Weird Dana

Weird Dana explains, “I think that Bigfoot really represents an aspect

of us, and it is that wild self. And that part of you that wants to go out

in the words and make loud sounds and run around and play, and just

enjoy yourself. I really think Bigfoot represents search for magic in

those wilderness places. Getting the chance to go to as such an

incredibly beautiful place to look for this legend was definitely an

amazing experience!”

Zak Says,

Supernaturally Speaking

​​Shane asks, “This has been a topic of debate and I want to get your thoughts… How soon after a person dies is it acceptable to attempt communication with them? #TheHolzerFiles

Dustin responds, “I personally do not try to contact them, as I believe that if my family or friends want to reach out to me, they will – and, they have. Statistically speaking, and in accordance with some religious beliefs, it appears that the first two weeks after passing gives you the best chance. #GhostHunters

“Nope! Never! I just want to keep going; hoping other things will happen. #GhostHunters

“When Adam and I were looking for a production company,

we said we wanted our show to maintain complete integrity and it needed to look like a horror film. #KindredSpirits~ Amy

“I do not believe in Bigfoot. I do believe in aliens, though. #GhostAdventures"

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Picture itAmy and Adam have surround themselves

with fascinating thinkers. I enjoy learning about their know-how in the paranormal." - Author Unknown

“First season is a prologue. Trust me, it starts to make sense in season two. Then it does not. Then it does. Then, you get the picture. #Hellier

Adam, I simply cannot get enough of your show,

#KindredSpirits! Can you tell me, if you will be releasing any behind-the-scenes footage specials

on some of your most popular cases?

"This was the face that said, “You taking

me home, or what?” We couldn’t possibly

argue with him. #Hellier" ~ Greg

"Paramedics — the cool cats of the emergency world. #HauntedHospitals" ~ Richard

Dalen, I was just watching the Ohio Reformatory episode on Discovery Plus, and curious to know, what app did you use for the Ghost Box?