“Do not buy into all the top demon nonsense. Question everything. Having a skeptical approach does not make you a hater –

it will just lead to more credible evidence. #GhostHunters

Jason, in your experience, what percentage of a haunting are violent?

“I get this struggle. Research. Look into whether this person is someone who aligns with you. Ask if you trust that they would have your actual magical growth in mind. Lastly, see how they responded to situations, both good and bad, it will tell you a lot about who they are. #Hellier”

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#Just Asking

Supernaturally Speaking

"Animal senses are so powerful that they go way beyond our capabilities."  - Jason, #GhostNation 

"Many of us grieve the loss of our pets when they pass away. They do transition into Spirit and will be waiting for us in the Afterlife.

#KindredSpirits" ~ Chip

"Do not over-whelm yourself trying to learn all the cards at once, take it a little at a time. You have got a lifetime to get to know and work with your deck.

Do not rush it and enjoy getting to know it. #Hellier

"It was awhile ago. I’ve lost several long time dear pets. It’s never easy. But I know now they don’t really go... they have a diferent form. #GhostAdventures" ~ Billy

Q & A was compiled and edited by Renee

Katrina, in your experience, are you convinced of an afterlife?

"Dogs come through all the time. I’ve found all beings with sentience have some continuation of life. #HollywoodMedium" ~ Tyler

“Thanks. We always try to be careful, but sometimes, the spirits have other plans for us."

​​​Adam, have you ever refused a location because

the property is too haunted?

Dana, how did you find your magickal teachers and practitioners that you truly trust to help you grow? There are a lot of shadiness out there and finding trustworthy teachers is harder than I expected.

“No. It’s not evil. The pentagram is the most commonly used symbol of Wicca. Some associate the five points of the pentagram with four classical elements: fire, water, earth, air. #KindredSpirits

Zak, do you ever wonder that the spirits you provoke on your show, #GhostAdventures, will come looking for you once you leave this earth?

Dave, I cannot believe how bad you got hurt on the episode, “Ties That Burn”. Stay safe, we love #TheHolzerFiles!

​​Kris, do you happen to have any advice for a new paranormal researcher, who is just starting out?

“We really don’t have any way to know that. We can’t know what an animal is seeing, nor produce a ghost test.”

“They’re already looking for me.”

JOKE: Why am I awake?
ZAK: "Because there is a ghost in your room."

​​Grant, do you know if animal sense spirits? #GhostHunters

Encouraging Words When You Lose Your Best Friend

"This is our oldest cat, Ella. #AdoptBlackCats" Dustin

"Those types of hauntings are extremely rare. #GhostNation"

"Pets come through in readings,

and I believe their consciousness continues on like ours. #HollywoodMedium" ~ Tyler

Medium Cindy uses psychometry to find answers to one of Hans Holzer’s earliest cases.

 "The love our pets have for us continues on as they do. The bonds we create in life continue being meaningful on the other side. #HollywoodMedium"Tyler

"I absolutely believe that our pets interact with us from the afterlife! #KindredSpirits"  Chip 

"The love we share with our pets, and the impact it has on our lives, links them to us forever. #HollywoodMedium" ~ Tyler

#FrightClub host, Jack Osbourne.

“I believe a lot of folks smudge when they are desperate and “sometimes” smudging can make matters worse. If the spirits feels like you are

trying to cast them out or dismiss them, the

problem can become worse. #KindredSpirits

Dana, studying the Tarot deck can be a little bit over-whelming, any words of advice to this newbie?

“Wow, such a great question! I think there’s tons of explanations for all things under the paranormal umbrella. #PortalsToHell

JOKE: Why am I afraid of the dark?
ZAK: "Because there is a demon in your room."

"Losing my dog, Mindi, has reminded me that the joys of life equal the love we give and receive. In the end, it’s about the love we made and take with us. #HollywoodMedium" ~ Tyler

Amy, what are your thoughts on “smudging”?

“We are a community of searchers…” ~ Steve, #GhostNation

My question is, do you think, the pentagram is evil, Adam?

“We have declined many cases for many reasons; however, activity is not one of them. We feel confident we can handle what is thrown at us. #KindredSpirits