Chip, do you believe our deceased loved ones have really left us? #KindredSpirits

Chip, what are your thoughts about our loved ones becoming angels when they die? #KindredSpirits

"It was awhile ago. I’ve lost several long time dear pets. It’s never easy. But I know now they don’t really go... they have a diferent form. #GhostAdventures" ~ Billy

“We really don’t have any way to know that. We can’t know what an animal is seeing, nor produce a ghost test.”

"I absolutely believe that our pets interact with us from the afterlife! #KindredSpirits"  Chip 

#Just Asking

"I always love the moments leading up to an investigation. #GhostHunters"  – Brandon Alvis

Supernaturally Speaking

"Many of us grieve the loss of our pets when they pass away. They do transition into Spirit and will be waiting for us in the Afterlife.

#KindredSpirits" ~ Chip

Katrina, can you tell me if your “feelings” are your best asset on an investigation? #PortalsToHell

Grant, do you know if animal sense spirits? #GhostHunters

"In the rare instance that anyone is “stalked” by a demon, they will know it! Demons are loud and malicious and will create constant chaos."

“Each location is different; it really depends on the environment."

"The hardest part of having a pet, is saying goodbye." ~

Author Unknown

"Animal senses are so powerful that they go way beyond our capabilities."  - Jason,#GhostNation 

"Dogs come through all the time. I’ve found all beings with sentience have some continuation of life. #HollywoodMedium" ~ Tyler

Jason, can you tell me, how long does a typical investigation last? #GhostNation

“We are a community of searchers…” ~ Steve, #GhostNation

Jason, how do you know if a haunting is demonic or not? #GhostNation

“They are never really very far away… and they are always with us in our hearts, in our minds, and in our souls.”

​​Katrina, during an investigation, do you know if spirits come out more during the day or night? #PortalsToHell

"This is our oldest cat, Ella. #AdoptBlackCats" Dustin

Billy, do you think when we visit something now that in our past life, we feel comfortable in that place? #GhostAdventures

"The love we share with our pets, and the impact it has on our lives, links them to us forever. #HollywoodMedium" ~ Tyler

"That's a great theory. I often wonder what places I have been to before without realizing it... it makes sense!"

"A black cat, I’ve heard it said, Can charm all ill away, And keep the house wherein she dwells From fever’s deadly sway." - Welsh Folk-Lore (1887)

“High EMF spikes, yeah!”

Dear Sara: My question has to do with finding the best source or reading materials for certain topics. Can you recommend any info about the meanings of numbers, letters, sounds, sacred geometry, astrology? What would you recommend as helpful?

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From Sara: There's obviously a wealth of information on all the subjects you have mentioned. And, of course, it's great to want to learn more. However, I would suggest that if the Universe is providing you with visions or messages, it's important to remember that the Universe communicates with each of us in the most personal way... these messages are not generic. They are personal to you. So while it may feel natural to want to find a source to "unlock the key" to the message, in truth, you are they key. You already understand your answer.

"We let the investigation find the facts."

"Since “hauntings” are not proven by science, we look for patterns in the environment, with how we experience that environment, and patterns in objective activity. So, “tagging” what you’re experiencing is actually crucial to moving the field forward."

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Encouraging Words When You Lose Your Best Friend

"Pets come through in readings,

and I believe their consciousness continues on like ours. #HollywoodMedium" ~ Tyler

 “It depends as long as we need to be there: week, two weeks, sometimes more.”

Zak, can ghosts get high? #GhostAdventures

ASK SARA: How Can I Interpret Guidance?

“My work has really changed how I grieve and experience loss. I know that my own loved ones are connected to me, however, I prefer

to use my energy to connect others to their loved ones."

 "The love our pets have for us continues on as they do. The bonds we create in life continue being meaningful on the other side. #HollywoodMedium"Tyler

Tyler, do your own deceased loved ones connect with you? #HollywoodMedium

Last night, I was in the middle of a nightmare. I was being stalked by a demon. What is scary, I woke up at 3 am this morning. The whole experience felt so real, Chip was it? #KindredSpirits

“I really loved that interaction, so much that I bought the sword! It now lives in my library.”  – Steve

“I don’t believe that humans become angels when they die. Angels were created by God to be His workers and emissaries. Our deceased loved ones may certainly become loving, benevolent spirits

who help us whenever and however they can.”