"Yes. So called 'haunted' objects."

“I really loved that interaction, so much that I bought the sword! It now lives in my library.”  – Steve

“We are a community of searchers…” ~ Steve, Ghost Nation

"Accurate historical research is important working on any case.” - Jason

"Because #KindredSpirits is one of the rare shows where my friends are in charge and are trying to do something different. They genuinely believe in curiosity over fear. They’re making a difference."

Chip, do you believe when a loved pet crosses over, their spirit sometimes guides you to an animal that needs “your” love?

Chip, how do you look at a psychic reading?

"Animal senses are so powerful that they go way beyond our capabilities."  - Jason, #GhostNation

Q & A was compiled and edited by Renee

Cindy, how does automatic writing work for you?

"I absolutely believe that our pets interact with us from the afterlife! #KindredSpirits"  Chip 

“I still own and run TAPS.”

"Pets come through in readings,

and I believe their consciousness continues on like ours. #HollywoodMedium" ~ Tyler

"This is our oldest cat, Ella. #AdoptBlackCats" Dustin

 "I love watching #GhostNation and learning about the history of the locations you investigate; how do you approach your research?”

Supernaturally Speaking

"Absolutely! In fact, it just happened to me just recently."

John, my friend recently found a haunted item, what should we do with it?

"She's into superstitions,  blackcats  and  voodoodolls..."

Ricky Martin, Livin' la Vida Loca

"Dogs come through all the time. I’ve found all beings with sentience have some continuation of life. #HollywoodMedium" ~ Tyler

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“After my mom passed away, I found a book by Theresa A. Rando, Ph.D., which helped me out a lot. I highly recommend you read this book, “How to Go on Living When Someone You Love Dies.”

“Hard to weigh in on apps, as I don’t know the creators and their background, and many were released simply as toy/game apps.

I do like and use iOvilus.”

Dave, what are your thoughts on ghost apps?

"Our hearts are broken. This morning (February 16th, 2020), we lost the most amazing friend our family has ever seen. Our dear little Jack passed suddenly this morning in the arms of his favorite person, Reanna Wilson. (Today is his 9th birthday) We will never be the same, Jack. Have fun with Sinjin." ~   Grant

“Thanks, so much for watching #TheHolzerFiles! My automatic writing comes in readable short phrases, but in words – that are not my own! And, it’s big because it comes too fast to write small or neat.” Medium Cindy

“We really don’t have any way to know that. We can’t know what an animal is seeing, nor produce a ghost test this.”

#Just Asking

"I always love the moments leading up to an investigation. #GhostHunters"  – Brandon Alvis

"Many of us grieve the loss of our pets when they pass away. They do transition into Spirit and will be waiting for us in the Afterlife.

#KindredSpirits" ~ Chip

"Chip, I recently lost someone close to me, what is your advice during this season of grief?"

 "The love our pets have for us continues on as they do. The bonds we create in life continue being meaningful on the other side. #HollywoodMedium"Tyler

"It was awhile ago. I’ve lost several long time dear pets. It’s never easy. But I know now they don’t really go... they have a diferent form. #GhostAdventures" ~ Billy

Jason, do you have any haunted objects in your home?

“If you come in contact with a haunted item, don’t burn it – or break it! Call a professional for advice."

"My goals is to help you communicate and the deceased’s willingness to communicate."

Hey, Jason, whatever happened to TAPS?

In Japan, a black cat is considered a good luck charm!

Greg, why do you choose to work with the people of #KindredSpirits?


Grant, do you know if animal sense spirits?

"The love we share with our pets, and the impact it has on our lives, links them to us forever. #HollywoodMedium" ~ Tyler