“Yes, I have been to the haunted underground.

My mother was jumped and had a seizure in those

tunnels at a ghost hunt years ago. It was at an

event that I had done with Mark and Debby. We had

to carry her out. It was then I realized the only

way to scare me was to attack my mother. It

worked. Shanghai does not disappoint! #Supernatural

Please adopt, don't shop and help raise awareness

of the desperate situation that all rescues are in!

Spirit Squad 6: Communication – online classes start Monday,

May 6th, 2024, and continue until Monday, June 3rd, 2024.

#Just Asking

Brian, I just found out that you have a traveling

History of the Paranormal exhibit, where and

when will be the next one? Thank you. 

Supernaturally Speaking

Sam, I am curious to know, if you have any plans

to have a Spirit Squad Weekend anytime soon?

"We love everyone for your support of the hospital

and your interest in our history. Unfortunately,

we are unable to allow access to the public due

to liability. Private filming is rare and most videos

you see have been made without permission. We

wish we could let everyone tour it, but for now

the answer is No." ~ Norwich State Hospital

“If you have never seen my traveling exhibit,

I invite you to join me this July in Shepherdstown,

West Virginia. Get your tickets before it is too

late. #PCOC

Dustin, do you believe in ghosts?

Bucket List... some day!

“I am a paranormal investigator,

of course, the claims lead me to

the crawl space. #GhostHunters” Brian

Chad, have you ever been to Portland? And, if so, have

you investigated the Shanghai Tunnels? This place is

at the top of my bucket list. I look forward to hearing

your thoughts.

Brian Says,

Chad Says,

Dustin Says,

Amy, is there any updated news on

your Paranormal Circle venture?

And, they believe in me. It is a symbiotic soul

relationship. Nurturing.Loving. #GhostHunters

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Zak with Gracie in 2012.

Amy continues, “Members of the Paranormal Circle will have access

to all of this: weekly live Q & A’s and round table discussions with me.

Monthly “Cocktail Hour” with me and a special guest(s). Live quarterly

streaming investigations. Access to the Paranormal Circle evidence

database. Rotating 24/7 LIVE webcams from some of the most haunted

sites in the country. Discounts arranged with various paranormal

conferences, comic-cons, and my Strange Escapes retreats. Access

to exclusive merchandise and pre-arranged member only discounts

at your favorite paranormal retailers. Private meet ups at conferences

and events. Swag giveaways. A yearly meet up for Paranormal Circle

members only. A membership kit, including an ID card to show for in-

person benefits. Coming soon!"

Has your fur baby recently passed over the Rainbow Bridge, and you are looking for a "Pet Comfort Stone" to celebrate their life? If so, psychic medium, Kim Russo, has the perfect

commemorative stone in her online store.

Just click the link below for more details:

Amy Says,

All these years we have been in the spotlight, in front of the cameras,

stars of our own stories. Now it’s time to showcase our most valuable

source of knowledge: YOU. Assembling a band of individuals from all

walks of life techniques and beliefs as one unit. A team built on diversity

through unity: A MOB. So, what are we going to call this thing? What about:

Ghost Mob”. Streaming soon… #WraithChasers ~ Mike G. and Chris

“Animals come into our lives to teach us about love, they depart to teach

us about loss. A new animal never replaces an old one, it merely expands

the heart. If you have loved many animals, your heart is very big.” – Erica Jong

Huge News on the Paranormal Circle front!

Have you joined the waiting list yet? As soon as the

circle opens, waiting list members will have first

access. You can join the waiting list at amybruni.com.

The response to this has completely blown us away.

When you see what is being built, I promise you will

love it. Especially with television lacking new quality

paranormal content these days#KindredSpirits

Q & A was compiled and edited by Renee

“We are offering a Spirit Squad Weekend 

August 9th – 11th, 2024 at the Historic 1912

Hoover House in Waynesboro, PA. The weekend

event will include workshops, galleries and

investigations with myself and psychic

medium, April Busset.”

"We have searched the world over for the answer to the ultimate question,

what happens when we die… our investigations have been documented

from the spiritually charged islands of Hawaii to the ancient structures

of the United Kingdom. Along the way our methodology has been built

on techniques we have collected from research, experience, faith, and

technology. After hosting over five hundred public events throughout

the years, we have met and investigated with some of the most intelligent, innovative, and eccentric individuals from all over the

world. From all those investigations the most valuable source of

knowledge we have tapped into is the power of community.