"The Whaley House definitely didn’t disappoint. It showed me that anything can happen at any time during an investigation. As soon as you let your guard down, things can go south quick.

#TheHolzerFiles" ~ Shane

"Losing my dog, Mindi, has reminded me that the joys of life equal the love we give and receive. In the end, it’s about the love we made and take with us. #HollywoodMedium" ~ Tyler

"Animal senses are so powerful that they go way beyond our capabilities."  - Jason, #GhostNation 

"It was awhile ago. I’ve lost several long time dear pets. It’s never easy. But I know now they don’t really go... they have a diferent form. #GhostAdventures" ~ Billy

“I “can do” a reading less than six months after someone dies, but I choose to give the soul a chance to “settle into” its new form of existence in Spirit. #KindredSpirits

Mike G. and Dallas Lovato on set in the #Unidentified

with Demi Lovato now streaming on peacock TV.

Has your fur baby recently passed over the Rainbow Bridge, and you are looking for a "Pet Comfort Stone" to celebrate their life? If so, psychic medium, Kim Russo, has the perfect

commemorative stone in her online store.

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Katrina, in your experience, are you convinced of an afterlife?

#Just Asking

“I would recommend the Turquoise stone… it is my favorite travel safety stone. Also, I would suggest,

Red Jasper is awesome for travel, and Blue Lace

Agate would be great for your anxiety. #Hellier

Shane, I am curious to know, what your thoughts are on why suicide souls decide to stay earthbound, and why do they not find peace?

"Pets come through in readings,

and I believe their consciousness continues on like ours. #HollywoodMedium" ~ Tyler

Supernaturally Speaking

 “I have a job to do. #PortalsToHell

Email me: Dave@darknessradio.com #TheHolzerFiles

"Many of us grieve the loss of our pets when they pass away. They do transition into Spirit and will be waiting for us in the Afterlife.

#KindredSpirits" ~ Chip

 "The love our pets have for us continues on as they do. The bonds we create in life continue being meaningful on the other side. #HollywoodMedium"Tyler

“Wow, such a great question! I think there’s tons of explanations for all things under the paranormal umbrella. #PortalsToHell

​​​Grant, do you know if animal sense spirits? #GhostHunters

“We are a community of searchers…” ~ Steve, #GhostNation

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“This is something I have often wondered myself. It is pure speculation, but it could be because the solution they thought was truly not the answer. And, they still have unfinished business here on earth. #TheHolzerFiles

Encouraging Words When You Lose Your Best Friend

“We really don’t have any way to know that. We can’t know what an animal is seeing, nor produce a ghost test.”

Chip, I am just curious to know more about the transition period of when someone passes away, and why you cannot do a reading within the first six months of their passing?

"The love we share with our pets, and the impact it has on our lives, links them to us forever. #HollywoodMedium" ~ Tyler

Shane, can you tell me what program you use to analyze the EVP’s you capture on your show?

"Dogs come through all the time. I’ve found all beings with sentience have some continuation of life. #HollywoodMedium" ~ Tyler

Dana, I do not like to fly, but I have to travel soon; do you know if there are any crystals for “worry” stone that you can suggest?

“It is a hard place to explain. I can spend all day finding logical explanations for things, but I truly believe we experienced unexplainable phenomena at 30 East Drive. Document… document…document. #PoralsToHell

Katrina, I will be visiting the Black Monk House soon, any advice?

“I usually suggest following your intuition about picking a deck. Look for art, card shape, or overall tone that calls out to you personally. If all else fails, the Rider Waite tarot deck is always a good place to start. #Hellier

“Hi! That is a great question, I use Adobe Audition. #TheHolzerFiles”

Dave, I need your paranormal expertise with this dilemma… I think that my good friends are experiencing some paranormal phenomenon, is there anything you could do?

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"I absolutely believe that our pets interact with us from the afterlife! #KindredSpirits"  Chip 

Dana, I am sure you hear my question a lot… and I am sorry for that, but it has to deal with tarot cards, how do I know which one is right for me?

Katrina, I enjoy watching you run toward the ghosts and weird sounds instead of running away from them, I appreciate how calm and cool you stay, what is your secret?