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“We work very hard to stress the importance of disinformation in the Paranormal. So, keep on fighting the good fight! #KindredSpirits” – Amy Bruni

"Ghost Hunting: Talking to The Dead" is a must read for anyone interested in the paranormal. It's informative and a fun read. The co-authors discuss the tools of the trade, the spiritual movement, and they answer the question, why spirits talk back.

"The second issue of our magazine, "Ghost Hunting: Secrets of the Supernatural" is full of new stories and

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Ghost Hunting: Scariest Encounters, Amy and Adam share the details of their absolute scariest encounters. Learn from these two professional paranormal investigators secrets to finding ghosts and how the spirit box works. 

Local author Sam Baltrusis has worked the graveyard

shift at Concord's Colonial Inn trying to unravel the

chilling mysteries and lingering legends associated

with one of the country's oldest and most haunted hotel.

Nestled in the town square of Concord, Massachusetts,

the windows of the Colonial Inn have gazed upon more

than three centuries of bloodstained history.​​​

"History is fascinating and our investigation experiences have gone to the next level! #GhostHunters" – SteveGonsalves

Known for its role in the American Revolution, the Inn was originally built as three

separate buildings with the oldest section of the property dating back to 1716.

A stone's throw from Old North Bridge, the Inn is notoriously haunted by the ghosts

from its Revolutionary War past. Guests report phantom footsteps, disembodied

voices, and spirited soldiers lurking in the shadows of the labyrinthine hallways

and empty rooms of this infamous inn.

With that being said, Paranormal Critics has collected these inspiring reads

from noteworthy paranormal personalities. We hope these ghostly books will enlighten your search for the supernatural.

Filled with facts and anecdotes to add an extra level of insight — all intricately woven

together to create the perfect balance of spooky fun and unique information—this is

the ultimate book for paranormal enthusiasts, history buffs, and horror fans.

Goodbye Hello: Processing Grief and Understanding

Death through the Paranormal by Adam Berry

Happy Reading...

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Spirits" for their latest investigation. "When you grab our third issue, this magazine will help prepare you for your

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Ghosts of Concord’s Colonial Inn by Sam Baltrusis​​

Compiled and Edited by Renee

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"Just a friendly reminder that I have a book out there.

I’m getting so many questions lately that I address in depth in "Life With theAfterlife". Things like, 'how I feel about ghosts following you home', to 'why we investigate at night', to 'my thoughts on “crossing” things over', etc. Enjoy!" – Amy Bruni

A Life with Ghosts, True, Terrifying, and Insightful

Tales from My Favorite Haunts by Steve Gonsalves

Collector’s Corner

"Magic is some of the most creative and powerful thing in the universe." - J. Tenney

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In their inaugural issue, "Ghost Hunting: True Tales

of the Paranormal" Amy Bruni and Adam Berry

take the reader on an enjoyable, spooky adventure.

With years of paranormal experience, the co-authors reminisce about their favorite haunted jaunts, to answer your most frequently asked paranormal question, there

is even a chapter on capturing evidence of the supernatural. If you are a paranormal enthusiast,

this magazine is a must have in your ghostly library.

Revealed through never-before-told stories and Matt's

conversations with the dearly departed, the wisdom in "We Never Die" is perfect for anyone seeking uplifting answers about life's biggest questions. Discover the healing and fulfillment that await us and our loved ones in the afterlife – plus how these truths can bring us comfort, meaning, and guidance in our earthly lives.

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"Be sure to pickup the first book "Grains of Sand:

Tales of a Paranormal Life" from my good friend,

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This book offers the reader a compelling history

of each location, Steve recounts his terrifying

experiences with disembodied voices, haunting

EVPS, mysterious dark masses, and other

unexplained phenomena — in addition to what

he learned about living through a life with ghosts.

His beliefs and theories on the craft are told

through heartwarming, hilarious, and profound stories, reflecting through his fun-loving personality that has garnered him millions of #GhostHunters followers.